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Salesforce-Driven HR Flexibility

Customize your people management with our end-to-end HR solution. Built on Salesforce, flair offers unparalleled flexibility, adaptable to any industry.

Adapt Your HR to Match Evolving Needs

flair’s features are run on Salesforce. This ensures smooth data management, advanced integration, and hyper-customization for future-proofed HR and recruiting admin.

Connect HR with smart integrations

Integrate your HR system with your favorite workplace tools.

Salesforce flows and workflow rules

Automate HR tasks by defining actions based on data inputs.

Custom objects and fields

Define your own HR and recruiting data structure for better reporting.

Powerful analytics dashboards

Turn your data into actionable insights with custom dashboards.


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“flair provides a very simple user interface to the employee, with a powerful platform in the background for the people who work on HR processes.”

Smart Automation

Speed Up Repetitive, Complex Admin Tasks

Use flair’s Salesforce-powered automation tools to assist your HR and recruiting teams. Reclaim time and allow staff to focus on strategic goals.

  • Trigger recruiting and onboarding emails
  • Automate the scheduling of payroll runs
  • Streamline time-consuming manual tasks
Custom Workflows

Scale HR and Recruiting Operations

Shape company policies and modernize HR and recruiting tasks with our modular and scalable solution.

  • Toggle features based on your requirements
  • Manage everything from absence policies to payroll
  • Focus on the key metrics that matter to you
flair Guidance

Enjoy Expert HR Support

Complete a simple but thorough consultation and outline your HR and recruiting goals. Want to tailor flair to evolving needs? Get bespoke support from our experienced, Salesforce-certified success team.

Versatile Integrations

Equip Your Team for Success

Future-proof your operations with access to the latest innovations in HR and recruiting. flair integrates with 100s of apps including communication tools like Calendly, Google Calendar, Slack, and more.


Integrations To Elevate Your HR

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salesforce and how is it relevant to HR?

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that offers a range of applications for sales, service, marketing, and more.

The flair HR solution twins the benefits of Salesforce with our smart personnel management and recruiting features to support HR professionals and recruiters and assist their organizations in saving time and valuable resources.

What customization advantages does Salesforce offer to flair users?

As an official partner, flair benefits directly from Salesforce’s highly flexible global management platform. Our end-to-end HR and recruiting solution is built on the leading CRM, giving flair a significant advantage over other HR management solutions. These advantages have been passed on to our end users with great success.

flair’s Salesforce foundation means it benefits from many customization options that can be applied to almost any HR and recruiting task. Through point-and-click configuration options, flair clients can store important data, modify dynamic fields and layouts, automate workflows, and more to suit their specific workplace and HR needs.

For example, utilizing Salesforce's custom objects and fields, flair users can securely store and manage comprehensive amounts of employee information such as personal details, job history, skills, and training records.

Salesforce is renowned for its reporting and analytics capabilities which allow users to gain important insights into all manner of business and customer-related metrics. With flair, you can utilize the extraordinary power of Salesforce for HR and recruiting. Create custom reports and dashboards to track key HR metrics, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve workforce management and employee satisfaction.

HR managers, recruiters, and employees all benefit from flair’s automation and AI features. For instance, it’s possible to schedule payroll runs on flair, manage approvals for salary adjustments or bonuses, and integrate flair with external payroll systems to ensure smooth data transfers.

Trigger automatic tasks such as sending welcome emails or interview notices, and create employee records when a new hire is added to the system.

From data storage and field modification to workflow automation and beyond, Salesforce empowers flair with vast customization capabilities, ensuring that our solution aligns precisely with your HR requirements and preferences.

Can flair integrate with other apps and solutions?

Yes, flair has vast integration capabilities, allowing organizations to seamlessly connect their HR system to some of the most popular tech tools in the world like Calendly, Google Calendar, DocuSign, and hundreds of other useful applications.

Thanks to Salesforce’s API capabilities, customization and processing are a breeze when using flair. For example, REST-based APIs allow flair to efficiently integrate with external systems like accounting platforms, payroll systems, benefits administration software, e-signature tools, and much more. flair users can also efficiently manage large data volumes, facilitating swift imports and exports of essential HR data using Salesforce Bulk API.

How does flair's Salesforce connection contribute to scalability?

Scalability ensures that HR processes remain efficient and effective even as an organization experiences rapid growth. flair’s Salesforce connection means it’s simple to tailor your processes, automation, and data storage to any company, industry, or headcount.

Our solutions's cloud-based architecture ensures that data storage and processing capabilities can scale up or down based on the organization's needs. Additionally, features such as data archiving and partitioning help otimize performance and maintain data integrity as the volume of data increases.

So whether your business is a startup or an enterprise-grade organization, flair can scale effortlessly to accommodate growing employee bases and expanding operations – even across multiple locations.

Is my data safe with flair?

As flair is built on the Salesforce platform, it inherits the same high level of security protection provided by the world’s leading CRM. flair HR users’ data is stored and processed within the Salesforce environment. This helps you comply with data residency and data sovereignty rules.

Some of the top security benefits of a Salesforce-native platform include Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption both at rest and in transit, multi-factor authentication, data loss prevention measures, and security audits to ensure compliance with various industry standards and regulations such as ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II, and GDPR.

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