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Optimize recruitment and organization with our Salesforce-native platform, ensuring your healthcare team is future-ready.

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Boost resource efficiency by streamlining recruitment and automating payroll, onboarding, and leave management.


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Strengthen organizational structure and enrich the employee experience to minimize staff turnover.


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Create a supportive and healthy workplace with flair's employee-centric solution.


Find the Right Talent Quickly

Guide top recruits through a smooth hiring process with our end-to-end talent acquisition features.

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“We love flair because of its variety of features which helped us digitalize all our HR processes for more than 300 employees. It allows us to focus on growth.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can healthcare organizations benefit from using flair?

The flair end-to-end HR management software provides a whole host of everyday benefits for healthcare companies and the medical industry. For example, efficient shift planning is critical in healthcare to ensure appropriate staffing levels and seamless coordination. flair provides advanced scheduling features, ensuring organizations have proper coverage for different shifts across multiple locations, reducing the risk of understaffing or scheduling conflicts. By streamlining shift planning, flair minimizes errors, saves time, and improves overall workforce productivity.

With flair, healthcare HR teams can also enhance the hiring process, attract top talent, and ensure a smooth onboarding experience. Performance management tools facilitate ongoing feedback, goal tracking, and performance evaluations, fostering employee growth.

Accurate time tracking is essential for healthcare organizations to manage payroll, monitor productivity, and comply with labor regulations. flair simplifies time tracking by providing intuitive and user-friendly tools. Employees can easily log their work hours, breaks, and time-off requests, either through the Employee Hub web portal, mobile app, or Slack. Our time-tracking feature even reminds staff to take important rest periods and breaks. Managers can then review and approve timesheets, ensuring accurate payroll processing.

How can flair enhance employee engagement in healthcare companies?

The flair end-to-end HCM facilitates effective employee engagement in healthcare organizations by providing features for communication, recognition, feedback, and career development. It allows for seamless collaboration, transparent performance management, and opportunities for employees to set goals, receive feedback, and track their progress.

These features promote a positive work culture, boost staff retention, and contribute to a motivated and engaged workforce.

Is my data safe with flair?

Absolutely. Our partnership with Salesforce is your guarantee of top-tier security. Through our official partnership with the world’s number one CRM, we employ state-of-the-art encryption and threat detection measures to keep your data secure. If you're already a Salesforce user, rest assured that all your data remains within your existing Salesforce instance, adhering to the highest security standards and complete GDPR compliance.

The same level of security applies even if you choose to use flair without Salesforce. We'll set up a dedicated Salesforce instance for your HR data, ensuring its safety and protection.

Your data is typically stored in the country where your company's headquarters is located. For example, if your organization is based in the UK, your Salesforce instance will also be hosted there, maintaining data security in alignment with local regulations.

How long will it take to implement flair in my company?

The implementation timeline for flair in a company typically ranges from four to eight weeks, including technical setup, onboarding, and training. However, in certain instances, particularly if your company has multiple offices or entities, the implementation duration may be slightly extended.

Rest assured, our dedicated customer success managers will provide regular updates and guidance throughout the implementation process to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.

Is support provided when implementing the flair HR solution?

Yes, of course. Our Customer Success team offers training and support during the implementation process and beyond. They provide comprehensive onboarding to help healthcare companies and their HR teams understand and utilize the features of flair effectively.

Ongoing support is also available, including access to educational resources like the Learning Hub and product updates, ensuring a smooth and successful adoption of flair.

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