Shift Planning Software

Coordinate Shifts With Ease

Achieve productivity goals and enhance employee well-being. You can count on the flair Shift Planner to make staff scheduling easy and accurate.

Easy and Effective Shift Planning with flair

Streamline your staff scheduling process and unlock the full potential of your teams.

Clear – Maintain a complete, organized schedule of staff shifts

Empowering – Employees can view and manage their shifts

Collaborative – Keep your team in the loop with integrated comments and tagging

The Perfect Match

Ensure the right staff are assigned to the right tasks with location- and skills-based shift planning.


Empower Your People

Give your team the ability to manage their own schedule, request shift swaps, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Stay in Sync

Keep your team informed and engaged. Easily communicate expectations and explain tasks for each shift.

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“Thanks to the shift planning feature from flair we can do the planning and generate and send schedules for our employees very fast and easily.”
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Dominic Schär

Head of Retail

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of shift-planning software?

Shift scheduling is essential for the smooth running of a workforce. Whether a small, medium, or large-sized company, it is important to make sure your shift coverage is sufficient and productivity levels are met. The key to avoiding common mistakes like scheduling conflicts, overstaffing, or unnecessary overtime is implementing proper shift planning and team communication.

Efficient shift planning should successfully rotate staff, maintain workforce well-being, control labor costs, and enhance employee productivity.

The HR tools by flair enable users to achieve their workforce goals and improve the employee experience.

Through flair’s Employee Hub and Salesforce apps, you can make your employee scheduling orderly and successful to meet business needs.

Enjoy intuitive shift boards, time-tracking, and workflow template creation tools. Meanwhile, integrate your work calendars to ensure you have the right staff available at the right time.

What is shift planning in flair?

flair’s Shift Planner is a user-friendly tool available on our HR app within Salesforce.

The Shift Planner allows employers and managers to oversee employee attendance, define duties, organize company-wide work schedules, and forecast what skills are needed for tasks in the future.

Easy-to-use features include the real-time shift calendar and the ability to organize employees based on skillsets or location.

Repeat schedules can be easily copied to save time while the Shift Planner allows users to generate printable timesheets for staff if necessary.

What are predefined shifts?

The predefined shifts feature is available on the flair HR app on Salesforce.

It is a shift management function that allows employers or managers to outline special types of shifts and tasks.

Using this feature, custom shift notes can be communicated to team members, color-coded by for better organization, and assigned across multiple locations.

How do I create a shift plan?

The flair HR app on Salesforce enables employers and managers to efficiently organize work shifts. The goal of shift planning should be to successfully rotate staff, maintain workforce well-being, control labor costs, and enhance employee productivity.

Visit our Help Center article to learn exactly how you can start easily planning and managing shifts with flair.

What is the difference between a shift plan and a shift schedule?

A shift schedule outlines the specific shifts that employees are expected to work. It takes into account various factors such as shift overlap, shift change times, vacation, training, shift differentials, and holidays.

On the other hand, a shift plan or rota is a component of the shift schedule that shows the specific shifts that employees will work. In other words, the shift plan is a more detailed breakdown of the shift schedule, which provides information about the specific employees who will work each shift and the times they are expected to work.

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