15 June 2023

Dealcode Manages Recruitment and Performance With flair


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Cracking the Code for Sales Success

Dealcode, a pioneering SaaS company founded in 2021 by Alexander Weltzsch and Dennis Hilger, offers a game-changing AI-Guided Selling tool for B2B sales teams. The system connects to top CRM systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive, leveraging artificial intelligence to provide insightful analysis of sales activities and pipelines. Dealcode's software smartly identifies the right leads, recommends the appropriate next steps, and prioritizes customers and tasks.

Automating the lead generation and conversion process using AI-based sales sequences, Dealcode can reduce sales costs by up to 50%. It stands out as the first tool to employ machine learning in examining over 150 attributes from existing CRM and third-party systems, suggesting a bespoke path to sales success. As a result, Dealcode consistently delivers a measurable increase in sales and revenue, revolutionizing the sales landscape with its smart and efficient approach.

When it comes to HR, Dealcode uses the acronym GUITAR to describe the values of its company culture: Growth, User-centricity, Innovation, Transparency, Agility, and Respect. Dennis, the company’s Co-Founder and COO, believes that these values are what sets Dealcode apart from other sales tech companies.

“Growth, innovation, and agility are all part of being a tech startup. And, for sure, we have a duty to be transparent and respectful to our customers, employees, and partners. But what really makes our product different is the user focus. Our AI takes millions of data points and we bring it into a nice, smart, easy-to-understand cockpit for our customers.”

The result is an AI-guided selling solution that helps sales teams focus on the right deals at the right time, shorten sales cycles, and increase win rates.

Our mission is to build a solution that sales reps love – one that really solves their problems. That’s how we empower B2B businesses to boost sales conversation and revenue growth.

Dennis Hilger

COO & Co-Founder

Adapting flair to Dealcode’s HR Needs

When considering a new HR solution, it was important for Dealcode to have a central place to store employee information in a secure way to save and sign documents. What’s more, Dealcode’s previous HR solution no longer offered an efficient way to manage OKRs.

“We have a company mission, which we break down into annual and quarterly company objectives,” says Dennis. “Each employee has their own key results to achieve. So we needed a way to track these OKRs and discuss them in performance reviews.”

Because of these considerations, Dealcode decided to switch to flair. With the ability to customize candidate funnels, store employee data in Salesforce, and adapt OKRs to match the company’s objectives, Dealcode soon had a solution to fit its needs.

“flair’s onboarding specialist was really helpful and configured the solution the way we needed it,” says Dennis. “Candidates who apply for a job on our website immediately land in flair’s Salesforce app, where we can assess them and track them through the hiring process.”

flair helps us streamline and automate processes related to employee management. From applicant tracking to payroll and measuring OKRs, flair covers a wide range of use cases where we previously had to deal with workarounds when using our previous solution.

Alexander Weltzsch

CEO & Co-Founder

Features That Enrich Dealcode’s Culture

Since switching to flair, Dealcode has been able to streamline processes such as absence requests. In the past, when an employee wanted to make a change to their requested vacation, they would contact Dennis separately. Now, employees can simply make a request in the Employee Hub and leave a comment explaining the absence, if needed. Their manager is notified by via Slack or email, and can instantly approve or decline absences in the Employee Hub.

In addition to recruiting and core HR features, Dealcode also uses flair for employee recognition. “We’re a remote-first company, so it’s especially important that we communicate and appreciate great work,” Dennis explains. “We used to have separate software for this, but now we can simply send a Cheer in flair to recognize employee milestones and achievements.”

Dealcode is no stranger to Salesforce and recognizes the power, but also the complexity of the CRM software. This has been one of the biggest benefits for Dennis.

“What I like the most is how flair takes the advantages of a huge, powerful solution like Salesforce and brings it into a user-friendly view for employees,” he says. “While managers and admins benefit from the countless possibilities of Salesforce, team members have a simple UI for their daily tasks with the Employee Hub.”

We’re always excited to work with innovative companies like Dealcode. If you’re interested in their AI-powered sales software, visit the Dealcode website. Or browse our website to learn more about how to use flair for performance reviews.

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