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Shift planner

Flair's shift-planner can drastically decrease the amount of time you spend on making a schedule by automating more of your processes.

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Demand based scheduling

Making sure you have the right skills available in the right location at the right time is very complex - and impossible to manage manually. With flair, you can maximize the utilization of your personnal.

Demand based shift scheduling on flair
  • Skill-based demand planning

  • Invite employees from different location

  • Time-Effective Predefined Templates

Predefined Shifts

Scheduling shifts can be time-consuming, so we save you time by offering predefined shifts as a template. You can use your previous weeks as a foundation for your schedule and add necessary adjustments to fit your unique daily needs.

Predefined Shifts on flair

    Improved Flexibility for your Team!

    Flair allows you to publish open shifts available to employees with specific tasks, roles, and skills. Meanwhile, employees can accept, decline (and request) them. This feature can significantly improve your company's efficiency and organization and enhance customer experience.

    Improved flexibility for your team on flair
    • Defined Working Hours

    • All Data can be accessed through Employee HUB

    • Enhanced notification system

    Avoid misunderstandings by planning in advance!

    Managers can minimise the number of potential changes by creating a work-schedule that suits their team. Employees can request shifts and edit their availability online, making it easier to plan ahead.

    Planning shifts in advance with flair
    • Defined Working Hours

    • All Data can be accessed through Employee HUB

    • Enhanced notification system

    Employee Departments

    Since every company is unique, with flair's shift-planner your manager can plan shifts based on a variety of aspects and demands such as:

    Plan shifts for different employee departments
    • Employee department

    • Employee location

    • Employee skills

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    Hello, we are flair. Our goal is to translate the positive effects of revolutionizing how companies engage with their clients & their team.

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