Send New Cheers to Multiple Colleagues

14 December 2022


Head of Product Marketing at flair

Send New Cheers to Multiple Colleagues

We’ve made some snazzy, new updates to Cheers! 🥳

The flair Cheers feature is all about showing colleagues you care. Celebrating hard work and dedication can be a powerful motivator and an important part of employee recognition.

Using the Employee Hub, you can recognize and reward people for their hard work. An Employee Hub favorite, Cheers allows you to send coworkers funky flair artwork and messages to say thanks for a job well done. There’s even a way to send a happy birthday e-card.

Motivate employees or show teams how much you appreciate their commitment to excellence with acknowledgment of their efforts on a day-to-day basis. So, let’s check out what’s new with Cheers.

Multi-Recipient Cheers

We know that teamwork makes the dream work. That’s why we have now upgraded the Cheers function to make it possible to send a thank you to multiple people at once.

It means more cheers for peers and extra creative ways to boost employee recognition. Acknowledging the contributions of individual team members is key to employee engagement, motivation, loyalty, and a strong company culture.

But it’s also essential to extend high-fives and thanks to teams and groups of people working hard to achieve company milestones. So why not log onto the Employee Hub today and spread more cheer?

New Cheers Imagery

Cheers, our peer-to-peer recognition tool on the Employee Hub, is evolving all the time. We want to perfect the employee experience and allow people to share an act of kindness in the workplace regularly.

We recently integrated Cheers with the video messenger Loom. flair users are already seeing the benefits of sending personalized video-thanks to workmates and colleagues to praise a job well done.

Now our design team has created some amazing new pieces of artwork for flair users to send to team members. We also have new messages of support that you can send colleagues. These are in addition to the vibrant and cheery images Employee Hub users have come to embrace and link to core values within their company.

How To Send a Cheers

Cheers is a fun and engaging addition to any employee recognition program. It’s a great way to celebrate the successes of your company and build a positive working environment in the office and remotely.

To send a Cheer to an individual or multiple coworkers, simply log onto the Employee Hub. When you’re in your Employee Hub, you’ll find the Cheers function located under the Engagement tab.

Check out the new functions today and show appreciation to boost morale, increase motivation, and build strong relationships within your organization.

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