Loom Videos in Workflows

30 March 2023


Head of Product Marketing at flair

Loom Videos in Workflows

Loom videos meet flair workflows! We’ve integrated our favorite video tool into another one of our features, making it easier for you to collaborate with your colleagues.

Video Is the Way To Go

Instructional videos are an efficient and entertaining way to learn something new. A TechSmith survey showed that 83% of respondents prefer watching videos to reading or listening to informational content. Especially for more complicated processes, it can help to actually see a demonstration, rather than read a description.

That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to add Loom videos to your workflow items. Loom is a video messaging tool that allows you to record your screen and voice and share the video with others. You may have already seen it in our Cheers feature.

With Loom videos, you can record your screen to demonstrate how to complete the workflow item, meaning there’s no need to write an essay. And, by showing your face and voice in the video, you can add a personal touch – which is especially important for remote teams!

Make your information easier to absorb by adding videos alongside written documents and meetings. Video workflows are also really scalable – simply record your video once and use it again and again as new people join your organization. This can be an efficient way for team leaders to introduce themselves to new starters, saving time for questions in face-to-face meetings.

Which Processes Can Benefit From Video?

  • Onboarding Presentations: Help new hires get to know your company’s vision and strategy. Simply record a presentation once and share it with every new starter. No need to host the same presentation every other week.
  • Learning New Tools: Sometimes, it’s quicker and easier to show a process rather than explain it in writing. Record your screen to explain relevant software, add videos to onboarding workflows, and share them with other employees.
  • Sharing Company Policies: Explaining company policies doesn’t require an all-company meeting. Using video workflows, your employees can view company policies in their own time, so you can save meetings for more engaging topics.

Adding Videos to Workflows

First of all, you’ll need a Loom account (you can get started with a free version). Get ready to record your screen and then start the recording. You can choose to record your face too, or simply show what’s happening on your screen. Once you’re finished with your recording, you will receive a sharing link for your video.

Next, when creating a new workflow item in the flair HR app, simply paste the Loom video link into the Instructions Loom Url field. Now, when an employee views the workflow item in the Employee Hub, they will see your video.

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