Source Talent From Your Browser

3 February 2023


Head of Product Marketing at flair

Source Talent From Your Browser

flair Recruiting just got more efficient with our new extension for Google Chrome!

Save Time Sourcing Candidates

Adding to your talent pool, making connections, and saving candidate data are all important parts of a recruiter’s daily business. Our latest update makes it even easier. With the flair Recruiting extension for Google Chrome, you can add promising talent and interesting candidates to your flair Recruiting app – directly from your browser.

Automatic Parsing of Talents

Just received an impressive job application? Our Chrome plug-in can automatically parse their details from websites. It’s really simple: Just click on the extension and the plug-in will extract the most important information and contact details. Assign a job to the candidate, choose a funnel stage, and add your notes, then you can instantly add the candidate to the flair Recruiting app.

And you can do the same to add a profile to your talent pool. So now there’s no need to interrupt your workflow when you’re on the hunt for your company’s next top talent!

Add Talent From Anywhere

While automatic parsing is only compatible with some websites, you can still use our Chrome extension on any website.

Simply click on the extension in your Chrome browser and add talent or candidate details manually – they will still be saved directly to your flair Recruiting app, saving you from having to log into Salesforce.

Download the extension here.

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