Talent Pool Curation and Mass Emails

28 March 2024


HR & Partnership Manager at flair

Talent Pool Curation and Mass Emails

We’re excited to be back with another bundle of new flair features. This time we’re focusing on recruitment.

Create a Talent Pool

Curating a talent pool is a game-changer in recruitment strategy. Instead of constantly starting from square one in your search for qualified candidates, this feature allows you to build and maintain a database of potential hires, significantly shortening the recruitment process.

Recruiters and HR staff can seamlessly add job candidates to their talent pools directly from the Recruiting app. Simply use the Talent component within a candidate's profile. Adding a candidate to a talent pool automatically transfers critical information such as skills and CVs to the talent database, ensuring that key candidate data is accessible when needed.

Use Cases for Recruiters:

Proactive Talent Sourcing: Keep a pool of qualified candidates on standby for future job openings, enabling swift and efficient hiring when the need arises.

Niche Skill Acquisition: Identify candidates with specialized skills or qualifications and add them to the talent pool for targeted recruitment campaigns or project-specific needs.

Talent Relationship Management: Build stronger relationships with potential hires by maintaining ongoing communication and engagement, fostering a positive candidate experience even if immediate opportunities aren't available.

Generate Recruitment Documents

Creating files for jobs, talents, and candidates is a crucial yet often time-consuming aspect of recruitment administration. By automating this process, we're not only saving you valuable time but also minimizing the risk of errors that can occur with manual data entry. Use our Document Generator to quickly customize job, talent, and candidate files.

When generating a document, choose the relevant object field or category, upload your template, and let our generator fill in the rest using merge tags.

Use Cases for Recruiters:

Efficient Offer Letter Creation: Generate offer letters for selected candidates quickly and accurately by automatically filling in essential details such as name, position, salary, and start date.

Build Compliance Documentation: Automatically generate compliance-related documents, such GDPR policy agreements, and populate them with candidate information to remain compliant.

Generate Onboarding Files: Streamline the onboarding process by automating the creation of new hire documents such as employee handbooks and policy files.

Mass Email Candidates

Mass emailing allows recruiters to efficiently communicate with a large amount of job candidates at various stages of the recruitment process, keeping them informed and engaged. That’s why we’ve made it possible on the flair Recruiting app to send mass emails.

Use Cases for Recruiters:

Announce Job Openings: Inform candidates or your talent pool about new job opportunities within your organization.

Communicate Rejection Notices: Send out standardized rejection emails to candidates who were not selected for a position. This ensures all candidates receive the same level of communication.

Request Feedback: Ask for feedback from many candidates to improve the recruitment process or gather insights.

Try out all these updates in the flair Recruiting app now. We look forward to bringing you more HR and recruitment-boosting features soon.

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