20 March 2022

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Bestsmile offers aligners and veneers that are manufactured in Switzerland with a fair price and flawless dental supervision by a team of professionals.

As a bestsmile customer, all you need to do is book a free 3D scan, and bestsmile will create an individual treatment plan for you to start your journey for a perfect smile.


As a Swiss market leader with 20,000 satisfied customers, bestsmile has been expanding its' team in 36 locations. And while the business is growing in multiple locations, managing various locations can become overwhelming when there is no set system in place.

Meanwhile, time-tracking has become a mandatory procedure within the Swiss workforce. "Under Swiss law, the employer has, in principle, the duty to ensure that all employees maintain a detailed record of their working time". Therefore, it is important that all data is stored in a secure and organised manner.

In previous experiences I found time-tracking to be very manual, we had to manage a lot of timesheets when it comes to absences it involved direct approval with the manager. The appeal of flair was that everything was handled in one system and it was just a click away!

Sarah Kolly

Junior Salesforce Consultat

Another challenging part of HR includes recruitment management. Due to its fast growth in variety of locations, bestsmile has a complex structure when it comes to recruitment processes.

Multi-Location Management

flair enables bestsmile to manage 36 locations with over 300 employees. This includes demand-based shift planning.

Shift Planner helps bestsmile distribute their resources across multiple locations, meaning the regional manager can move specific employees between different locations based on their skill set. The manager can filter employee by skills and location to see which employees with the right competencies are nearby. The given shift will only be completed when the skill demand is fulfilled.

The skills are assigned to employees once they start working at the company, and depending on whether they work in the shop, lab, or elsewhere they are given different sets of skills.

Apart from helping bestsmile manage multiple locations, flair is also the primary source for financial information that has to do with location cost.

With the help of our data reports from Salesforce we know exactly how much capacity we need at which location. Thanks to the shift planning feature from flair we can do the planning and generate and send schedules for our employees very fast and easily.

Dominic Schär

Head of Retail

Instant and Precise Time-Tracking

All bestsmile employees use our time tracking feature on daily basis. This way employees, as well as managers, have a full outlook on the recorded working time, with weekly and monthly time reporting. flair automatically calculates overtime, which employees can use to request further vacations.

Additionally, with flair's Employee Hub, bestsmile's employees can manage their personal data and view important documents related to their employment with bestsmile.

It is great that the feedback reviews can be used in the same tool as everything else. Because of that, it's possible to provide templates for the employee and the supervisor, which they can discuss together in their meetings. In addition, they can jointly agree on goals and record them for themselves.

Luca Bartucca

HR Specialist

Optimised Efficiency in Recruiting

As the business is growing in various locations across Switzerland, bestsmile has many job openings in multiple languages. This amount of candidates requires a sustainable system to manage candidates with multiple internal stakeholders.

First of all, bestsmile is provided with a customized career page with API, where the recruiter can add specific questions and requirements to specific job titles. (e.g. content marketing - experience, dentist - upload proof of certificate)

With flair, bestsmile is able to create custom flows for recruiting processes that have complex substage systems, such as task management and interview management. Since flair is native on Salesforce, managing pipelines is much more efficient. And based on the information that is reported on multiple dashboards within Salesforce, bestsmile can improve their recruiting processes consistently.

In the end, all data is in one system, so the recruiter is able to transfer candidate data into employee data with all necessary documents in just one click. Furthermore, flair helps bestsmile create performance reports not only for hiring but also for retention.

Additionally, with flair's Employee Hub, bestsmile's employees can manage their personal data and view important documents related to their employment with bestsmile.

With flair's recruiting system we register all applicants and can assign them to the line managers for control if necessary. Once we have hired someone, we can also convert the candidate to an employee. The statistics we have available are very valuable for future job processes.

Luca Bartucca

HR Specialist


As bestsmile prospers with new locations, laboratories, and employees, Switzerland is gaining more and more smiles. Exactly due to bestsmile’s fairness, simplicity and precision - we couldn't be more proud to have them as our customers and accompany them on their journey!

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