Create Performance Reviews in Three Steps

5 February 2024


HR & Partnership Manager at flair

Create Performance Reviews in Three Steps

Successfully planning performance reviews requires navigating challenges in time management, question preparation, goal alignment, and the scheduling of follow-up meetings.

Providing opportunities for feedback on the entire process is also important for continuous improvement in any performance management framework.

Our latest performance review update to the flair HR app on Salesforce provides swift solutions to all these challenges. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Performance Review Planning

1. Create a New Performance Review

Choose a name for your template and give it an introduction. Briefly explain what the review is about and any other relevant details.

2. Set Your Timeline and Deadline

Utilize the Timeline feature to establish review deadlines, and decide whether managers and employees will respond to assessment questions concurrently or sequentially.

3. Easy Slide Review Options

Our slider settings feature is perfect for deciding if a review is a self-appraisal or involving a manager.

Users can also oversee question visibility, goals management, follow-up meetings, and signature sign-off options.

Adjusting the sliders also allows you to seamlessly incorporate a satisfaction survey, enabling you to gather valuable feedback from the individual undergoing the review about their overall experience.

Use Cases and Benefits


  • Efficient Customization: Managers can easily create tailored performance reviews in three simple steps.

  • Timeline Control: The upgraded Timeline feature helps set review deadlines and allows managers to choose the order of assessment reviews.

HR Staff:

  • Streamlined Process: HR staff can simplify the performance review process with the three-step creation, making it more efficient.

  • Enhanced Management: Slider settings facilitate easy control over standard review options like follow-up meetings and signatures.


  • User-Friendly Experience: Employees benefit from a straightforward self-assessment or manager evaluation process, enhancing their overall experience.

  • Personalized Feedback: The inclusion of satisfaction surveys allows employees to share their experiences and provides a platform for personalized feedback

Explore More in Our Help Center

Once your draft is prepared, start including performance review questions. Whether it's open-ended text questions, multiple-choice, or numerical ratings, tailor the reviews to fit your team.

Check out how to add questions to a performance review and publish using our Help Center.

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