Check the Workplace Vibe With Surveys

2 March 2023


Head of Product Marketing at flair

Check the Workplace Vibe With Surveys

Build employee surveys, utilize smart check-ins, and gain actionable insights into your workforce. 🤩

Employee engagement tools help cultivate a culture of creativity, innovation, productivity, and feedback.

That's why we've launched three survey features. They offer an invaluable opportunity for employers to collect meaningful opinions and perspectives of their workforce.

Custom Engagement Surveys

Not every organization has the same structure or processes. So it's important to be able to tailor feedback surveys to your product, service, or workforce.

Through our HR app, flair users can customize their own engagement survey questions. Draft engaging questions, collect important feedback, and visualize the data using flair.

Smart Smiley Check-Ins

Gauge the mood of staff through this smart emoticon check-in feature. Ask employees to respond to a question or phrase using simple smiley faces accessible to staff through the Employee Hub and email.

It's a fast, fun, and effective way to display indicators on subjects like employee satisfaction, workload, and overall well-being.

Measure eNPS

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is an important metric used to rate employee satisfaction, loyalty, and likelihood to recommend their employer.

Companies can now gain invaluable insight into the workplace atmosphere, thanks to our eNPS feature. With it, employees are empowered to give a clear picture of how they feel about working for a company.

Create eNPS surveys on the flair HR app on Salesforce, automate survey communication, and with our results page, measure workplace satisfaction over time.

For more information about our employee engagement tools, check out the Learning Hub guide on eNPS Surveys and Smiley Check-Ins.

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