15 April 2024

WONDER Foundation Enhances Its Recruiting and Leave Processes

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Working Wonders for Women and Girls Around the World

Globally, millions of women and girls are facing barriers that restrict their access to education. According to UN experts*, as many as 130 million girls are denied the human right to education. Poverty is just one of the obstacles, with poor families often favoring boys when investing in education.

Despite these challenges, educating women and girls can have far-reaching impacts. Educated women have healthier, happier families and are empowered to take on leadership roles within their communities. One of the charities working to achieve this aim is WONDER Foundation. Since 2012, the London-based nonprofit organization has helped over 120,000 women and girls to gain access to high-quality education and training.

WONDER works with over 30 partners spanning across more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Thanks to their local knowledge, the partners are able to deliver specific, culturally appropriate support that brings the highest impact for women and girls. Projects include mentoring and coaching in professional skills, vocational training, and social integration.

Salesforce Technology for NGO Success

In 2023, WONDER implemented Salesforce as part of the Power of Us Program. This Salesforce initiative supports NGOs and other nonprofit organizations with discounted access to technology that can help them operate more efficiently. Prior to the implementation, WONDER was a mostly spreadsheet-based organization.

“We now run our fundraising and our programs through Salesforce,” says Kerry Jackson, the Salesforce Administrator at WONDER. “And that’s part of the reason we chose flair. We were very keen to have all the data in one place, rather than in multiple systems and multiple places.”

With flair, WONDER has been able to move its core HR processes from Excel spreadsheets to Salesforce, creating a single source of truth and saving time in HR management.

Having flair run on top of Salesforce is really useful for us. For example, being able to convert a candidate record to an employee record when you hire someone is very convenient. It’s much more connected that having another separate system.

Kerry Jackson

Salesforce Administrator

WONDER Foundation empowers women and girls through mentoring, coaching, and vocational training

flair for NGOs

Did you know that we also offer discounted pricing for NGOs? Get in touch with our team for more information about flair for NGOs.

Smoother Absence Management for All Employees

One of WONDER’s first priorities was to improve its absence management processes. Previously, the organization had maintained annual leave balances in Excel spreadsheets, which meant employees had little transparency into the availability of their team.

Since implementing flair, WONDER has been able to improve this process significantly, as Kerry explains: “With flair, it’s a much smoother process. I’ve been able to create different absence categories, such as time off in lieu, hourly leave for part-time employees, and other special allowances, such as for employees who are getting married. It all goes into the calendar automatically, which is really useful.”

One of the biggest benefits has been the ability to see my own leave and remaining days, meaning we save time spent emailing back and forth. Being able to see the team’s availability and holiday calendar, integrated with Outlook, has been a game changer.

Julia Jockelson

Partnerships and Corporate Fundraising Manager

Greater Efficiency in Recruitment and Onboarding

Using the flair Recruiting app on Salesforce, WONDER has set up a new career portal to advertise open positions and improve the candidate experience from end to end. Instead of receiving CVs via email and managing applications manually, the Operations team at WONDER can now automatically confirm the receipt of applications, send mass emails to candidates when needed, and create candidate profiles in Salesforce for evaluation. Faith Mwangi, Operations Manager at WONDER, says, “Recruiting through flair has been fantastic. No more downloading CVs, creating folders, and sharing SharePoint links.”

The onboarding process has also improved. By setting up workflows in the Salesforce backend, WONDER can give new hires a consistent and well-structured introduction to their new job.

The most significant benefit for me is the streamlined onboarding process. It’s easy to plan and carry out induction for new employees. Most importantly, induction documents are well-organized and easily retrieved.

Faith Mwangi

Operations Manager

Refining Performance Management and Expanding Recruitment

The next step for WONDER is to complete the rollout of its new performance management process in flair. The team has already completed the first performance review in the new system, as Partnerships Manager Julia explains: “The performance review process is now much more efficient and ensures that reviews are done more consistently.”

Performance appraisals will be linked to personal goals and the organization’s goals, setting clearer paths for development.

WONDER is also in the process of extending its recruiting capabilities with flair. By adding volunteer roles to its career portal, WONDER expects to reduce administrative workload and recruit volunteers in less time.

At flair, we’re proud to support nonprofit organizations like WONDER that make a positive impact around the world. Check out the WONDER Foundation website to see their great work. To find out how flair could help your organization run more efficiently, book a demo with us.

With flair all of our HR information is accessible in a protected space. This has led to time savings in HR management and a more accurate process of calculating absences from work.

Paola Delmonaco


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