Introducing flair's Intuitive Document Generator

14 November 2023


HR & Partnership Manager at flair

Introducing flair's Intuitive Document Generator

We're excited to announce a major new capability in flair – our built-in Document Generator. This feature streamlines the process of creating customized documents like employment contracts, offer letters, company policies, employee transfer notices, promotions and pay rise agreements

Easy & Intuitive Templates

You can quickly design professional templates just by dragging and dropping fields. Choose which candidate details like name, role, salary to automatically pull into your docs from existing Salesforce data. It doesn't get much easier. Hit "Generate" and polished documents are instantly created for you. Best of all, your templates are stored right in flair. So whether you need an offer letter today or in 6 months, you're always just a click away.

Save Time

The generator handles converting templates from DOCX to PDF for signing and storage. Generated documents are automatically associated to the relevant records. This saves considerable time over manual document creation workflows.

Designed for You

We've designed the Document Generator to be simple to use with no technical expertise required. Templates store all your org's branding and clauses, so docs look polished every time. And coming very soon – seamless E-signature integration, so documents can be sent directly for approval - saving even more time versus paper copies.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. We're committed to continually enhancing flair based on your feedback.

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