Employee engagement is key to business success. Using flair feedback surveys and employee recognition features, you can make your employee experience more engaging and more motivating.

How To Use flair to Keep Employees Engaged

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Employee Engagement Tools
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Surveys are an effective tool for improving employee engagement and overall satisfaction in the workplace. By gathering feedback on work experiences, organizations can develop strategies to keep employees motivated, engaged, and committed to their job tasks.

That’s why it’s important to regularly measure employee engagement and take steps to increase it.

flair Engagement Surveys, eNPS (employee net promoter score) surveys, and Smiley Check-Ins are really intuitive and useful ways to monitor employee engagement. Let’s check out how they work.

Customized Engagement Surveys
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It's important to be able to tailor feedback surveys to your product, service, or workforce. Through our HR app, flair users can customize their own engagement survey questions. Draft engaging questions, collect important feedback, and visualize the data.

  • To create an Engagement Survey, visit the flair HR app on Salesforce
  • Next, click on the Engagement page in the main taskbar menu
  • This will reveal a list of engagement tool options, select Surveys
  • By clicking on the New Survey button you can begin to build an Engagement Survey
  • Fill out the necessary fields such as Survey Name, Introduction, and Deadline. Click Save.
  • Next click on the survey you have just created and begin the customization process
  • Within your survey, you can add sections such as a detailed questionnaire, choose the participants, and even keep tabs on the results.
Engagement Survey

eNPS Surveys and Smiley Check-Ins
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Engaged employees are more motivated, more productive, and more likely to stay with your company. That’s why it’s important to regularly measure employee engagement and take steps to increase it.

eNPS (employee net promoter score) surveys and smiley check-ins are two quick and easy ways to monitor employee engagement.

What Are eNPS Surveys and Smiley Check-Ins?
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An eNPS survey aims to find out how satisfied employees are with their company. It is typically based on one simple question, such as “How likely are you to recommend [company name] as a workplace to a friend or colleague?”.

The respondents give you a score out of 10, which allows you to calculate and measure your eNPS over time.

A smiley check-in allows you to gauge your employees’ moods and feelings by asking simple questions. Employees can then share their opinion by choosing a happy, sad, or neutral face. The simplicity of the answers encourages respondents to take part and allows you to track employee sentiment over time.

Let’s take a look at how to create these surveys using flair.

How To Create an eNPS Survey or Smiley Check-In
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To create an eNPS survey or smiley check-in, open the flair HR app in Salesforce and navigate to the Engagement tab. Next, follow these steps:

  • Click Surveys and then New Survey to get started
  • Select which kind of survey you would like to create, give your survey a name, and then write your survey question
  • Next, decide whether you want the survey to be compulsory or not and whether to allow respondents to add a comment to their rating
  • Finally, choose a start date and define how often the survey should be repeated if required
An eNPS survey show how likely employees are to recommend your company as an employer

When you’re ready, click Next to choose who will receive the survey. You can add participants manually or, to speed things up, select employees by location, department, or team.

An eNPS survey show how likely employees are to recommend your company as an employer

If you do the latter, you will have to click Add Set once you have selected who shall receive the survey.

Send surveys to individual employees, departments, teams, or offices

Finally, click Next to see a preview of your eNPS survey. If you’re happy with it, click Save to finish.

Send surveys to individual employees, departments, teams, or offices

How To Edit eNPS Surveys and Smiley Check-Ins
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Once your surveys are up and running, you may want to make changes. To do this, navigate to the Engagement section of your flair HR app. Click on Surveys to see an overview of all the surveys you have created.

By clicking on the arrow to the right of each survey will give you several options:

  • Show Results gives you a quick summary of responses.
  • Disable pauses the survey.
  • Edit allows you to change the name of the survey, edit the question, change the frequency, and add new people.
  • Delete removes the survey from your app.

How To View Survey Results
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As your employees start to respond to surveys, you will want to analyze the results. To do this, go to the Engagement section in your flair HR app and click Surveys. Click on the survey you want to check to see the results in charts or list views, and read any comments your employees may have added.

You can view all results combined, see how scores have developed over time, or view results for specific cycles. You can define cycles by clicking on the Cycles tab in the Engagement section. More on that here.

Responding to eNPS Surveys and Smiley Check-Ins
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From time to time, your organization will want to check on your current mood and ask for your feedback. They can do this through eNPS surveys and smiley check-ins.

Your employer may send these surveys out at regular intervals or on a one-off basis. Although participation in the surveys can be mandatory or optional, responding gives you a chance to anonymously share your feelings with your employer. This can help your employer to improve your workplace in the future.

When your employer wants you to participate in an eNPS survey or a smiley check-in, you will receive a notification via email. The survey will also appear in the Dashboard of your Employee Hub.

An eNPS survey usually consists of one simple question: “How likely are you to recommend [company name] as a workplace to a friend or colleague?”. You will be asked to give a score out of 10, ranging from Not Likely to Very Likely. You may have the opportunity to add a comment if you like.

A smiley check-in survey with notes

With a smiley check-in, you will see five different faces ranging from Awful to Amazing. To respond, simply click on the face that best describes your mood with regard to the question asked. You may also be asked to add an optional comment to explain your choice.

A smiley check-in survey with notes

Tracking Employee Skills
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Knowing which skills your employees possess helps you make sure that everybody has the chance to live up to their potential. With flair, you can create a record of employee skills so you can assign the right people to the right tasks and encourage personal development.

Defining Skills
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The first step is to define the skills that are important to your organization. These could be hard skills, such as language proficiency or skills using a specific tool, or soft skills like decision-making and collaboration.

To start, open the Skills page in the flair HR app. In the Skills List, you will see a list of all the skills in your organization. To add another, click New Skill.

You can create a list of important employee skills in the flair HR app on Salesforce

Give your new skill a name and, if needed, a shorter name or abbreviation for lists and picklists. For example, if you have “Speaks Spanish” as a skill, you could use the three-letter country code ESP as an abbreviation. If the skill is relevant to shift planning, check the Use in Shift Planner box and select a color to be used in the Shift Planner.

You can create two different kinds of skill: yes/no and rated. By default, new skills will be yes/no skills, meaning an employee either has the skill or not. This is suitable for hard skills or skills that require employees to have certain qualifications or permissions. Rated skills, on the other hand, can be graded from 1 (beginner) to 5 (mastery). Check the Rateable box to create a rated skill.

Fill in a few fields to create a new skill

Assigning Skills to Employees
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To assign a skill to an employee, go to their employee record in the flair HR app. Under the Scheduling tab, you will see the full list of skills in your organization. Click the plus + symbol to assign a skill to the employee, and choose a rating if it’s a rateable skill. If you can’t find the skill you’re looking for, you can click New to define a new skill.

Assign a skill to an employee to simplify shift planning and personal development

Managing Skills as an Employee
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You can also add and rate your own skills in the Employee Hub. Click the Engagement tab in the left-side menu and open the Skills page. You will now see a list of all the skills that have been assigned to you. Rateable skills appear with a hash # symbol next to them, while non-rateable skills are marked with a circle.

If more than three rated skills have been assigned to you, you will also see a Skills Chart. Choose up to seven skills to display in the chart by clicking the star icon next to the skill you want to see.

You can change the rating of your rateable skills by selecting the number in the Level column. Click the Assign Skill button to choose a new skill from the list of available skills in your organization. Lastly, if you want to remove a skill, click the three dots and select Unassign.

You can view your own skills in the Employee Hub

Skills Matrix
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If you are responsible for a team, you can find an overview of your teammates’ skills in the Employee Hub. Select the Manager view and open the Engagement tab. On the Skills page, you will see the Skills Matrix. This shows you your team’s abilities at a glance.

You can adjust the view by clicking the X to hide skills, displaying skills using the search bar, or adding completely new skills by clicking the New Skill button. You can also choose which employees are visible by searching their names and adding them to the matrix or clicking the X to hide them. To reset the view and show all skills and employees, click Reset Matrix.

View the skills in your team using the Skills Matrix in the Employee Hub

The Manage Skills button gives you an even more detailed view, showing how many employees possess each skill and what median rating they have. Here you can also remove skills from your organization entirely or rename them.

Employee Recognition
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Recognizing employees for doing great work, going the extra mile, or simply being nice to work with is a great way to keep morale high. The Cheers feature in flair is a quick and easy way to encourage employee recognition throughout your organization.

Sending and Receiving Cheers
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Whether you want to congratulate your fellow colleague for their birthday or just want to thank them for supporting you on a project you were working on – Cheers is the feature for you!

When you’re in your Employee Hub, you’ll find the Cheers function under the Engagement tab.

Thank you messages using the Cheers feature in flair

Here you’ll first see the Feed, where all of your Cheers, received and sent, are visible.

If you now want to send a Cheer, click on Cheer a Coworker. Select one of the premade images or record your own personal video message.

Choose a premade image to send to a colleague or record your own video

Next, select who you want to send your Cheers to and add a short message. Before sending your Cheer, you can also decide whether you want it to be public (where it appears in the Feed for everybody to see) or only viewable by the colleague it’s addressed to.

When you receive a Cheer from another colleague, you will see it on your Employee Hub dashboard in the upper-right corner. You’ll also receive an email notifying you of all your received Cheers!

Cheers you receive appear on the Home page of your Employee Hub

Commenting on Cheers
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You can reply to Cheers messages on the Employee Hub. To do so, simply click on the Comments tab at the bottom right of a Cheers notification.

Write a comment, add a fun emoji, web link, or image, and even attach a file. Then click Enter and watch your comment make its way to your colleague instantly.

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