Better Platform Navigation and Design

21 February 2023


Head of Product Marketing at flair

Better Platform Navigation and Design

Our UX Team is constantly working on revamping the Employee Hub – to make navigating an intuitive and easy process. We proudly present a new look on Salesforce, improvements in the Employee Hub, and a new look for our email reminders.

Improved Menu Bar Usability

Never get lost in the Employee Hub again! We’ve updated our menu bar so that you don’t lose track of your click path. Also, stay on top of any product updates, which you find on the bottom left of the menu bar. 🤠

flair’s New Look on Salesforce

New vision, new branding, new colors. As we are evolving we are also bringing our Salesforce apps in line with our current brand. Go ahead and check out our fresh look on Salesforce! 🕺

Email Design That Pops

flair sends out email reminders to your employees about approaching deadlines, documents to be submitted, and newly assigned tasks. While this is nothing new, the emails now reach your inbox with a better look: more colors and beauty to match our new branding. 🎨

In fact, aesthetics is part of flair’s core values. This value includes far more than visual elegance. Aesthetics is the pleasure we derive from perceiving an object or experience through our senses. So we really hope you find our product both user-friendly and sleek. 😊

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