Loom Videos: A New Way to Say Cheers

25 November 2022


Head of Product Marketing at flair

Loom Videos: A New Way to Say Cheers

Lights, camera, action! 🎬

There’s a new way to show your colleagues some appreciation in the flair Employee Hub! You can now make your Cheers even more personal with a Loom video. 📹

Recognition Goes a Long Way

Employee recognition can be something as simple as thanking a teammate for their help. But it has proven benefits for your company and your workforce.

Our Cheers feature makes it easy to show your appreciation. It encourages teams to reflect on their collaboration and strengthens the bond between colleagues. With integrated Loom videos, you can now put a face to your message. This adds an extra personal touch – something that is especially important if you have colleagues who work remotely.

How to Say Cheers in a Loom

If you don’t know our Cheers feature already, you can find it in the Employee Hub under Engagement. Click Cheer a Coworker, choose a colleague to Cheer, and then select Start Recording to begin using Loom. Once you’ve permitted the Employee Hub to use your camera and mic, select Camera Only, then Start Recording.

Once you’ve finished recording your video, you’ll have the chance to watch it back and either retake, delete, or attach the recording to your Cheer. Finally, add an optional text message alongside your video and choose whether your Cheer will be public or private. Click Send Cheer and you’re done!

You can look forward to some more improvements to the Cheers feature coming soon. These will include the option to send Cheers to multiple colleagues at once and to attach gifs to your messages.

We’re Driven by Collaboration

It’s no secret that collaboration is the key to successful teams. That’s why making collaboration easier is at the center of all our product features. You can expect to see more useful integrations that simplify working together in flair soon.

One of our personal favorite tools for collaboration is Loom. It not only saves time and makes teamwork more efficient, but also adds a personal touch to remote work. We want to make it possible for flair users to benefit from Loom too.

While we can’t give away too much at the moment, watch this space for more collaboration-boosting features and improvements.

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