Three Absence Improvements

4 October 2022


Head of Product Marketing at flair

Three Absence Improvements

Great news! We've got three new improvements that will help you manage and organize absences.

Set Absence Request Policies

Giving your employees the time off they need and deserve is an essential part of your company culture. We’ve just launched a new feature that allows you to set rules around each absence request i.e create your own Absence Request Policies.

After you’ve set up your own absence categories, be it birthdays, PTO, sick days, charity days, sabbaticals or any other. Then you can set the rules for each request. Customize the limitations for employees, markets and categories.

There might be a policy making sure that new parents take at least two weeks off for parental leave, while for a vacation you might want to receive a request a month ahead of time, in order to plan your resources.

If there’s more than one, enabled and assigned Absence Request Policies are listed in the Employee HUB when an Absence Category is selected.

If the request falls outside of the policy, the employee immediately receives an error message informing them about why they are restricted.

Keep in mind the limitations appearing on your employee's screen are your absence request policies' names - so name them carefully. Go try it and let us know what you think!

Archive Absence Categories

Great news! We've made it easier to manage Absence Categories 🙌

The archive button allows you to hide absence categories by simply going to Absence Settings and clicking “Archive”.

There’s also an option to “Unarchive”, if you change your mind later.

Whether your absence categories are active or archived, all historical data is safely stored in Salesforce.

This feature allows you to experiment with different absence formats without losing important insights. Enjoy and let us know how it is working for you!

Comment on Absences

Sometimes there are good reasons to reject your employee’s request for absence. Just make sure they understand the reason behind your decision. We want to allow for that communication to happen and therefore we’ve added the option to leave a comment when you have to turn down a request.

When rejecting a request simply add the reasoning in order for employees to better understand your decision. We hope this makes absence rejections just a little easier.

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