Record Your Work Hours in Slack

20 December 2022


Lead UX

Record Your Work Hours in Slack

Keep track of your working hours with ease! ⌛

More and more workplace conversations are happening through Slack. That’s why we are making it even easier to engage with colleagues and complete HR tasks via the popular instant messenger.

Let's look at how flair users can now track time or make a time entry on Slack.

Track Time in Slack

We find that automated and organizational tools can be just the tonic for the hectic world of HR management. We have now integrated time tracking into Slack accounts for managers and other employees.

Time tracking is helpful when calculating overtime, holiday accrual, productivity, and much more. The time tracking feature on Slack can give managers a better overview of productivity. Meanwhile, employees can also be reminded to take important rest periods and breaks.

To use this function, select the flair app in your Slack channel. Here you can connect your Employee Hub to the Slack workspace. Once you have connected with the Employee Hub, time-tracking tools will appear on the Slack page.

To start recording your work times, click the Clock In button. From there users can choose to log their break times and also clock out when their day has ended.

Other Slack Integrations

Absence management helps create a positive work culture that puts emphasis on health, safety, and well-being while diminishing time wasted due to unexpected absences or disruptions in the workflow.

Through the Employee Hub, staff can make holiday requests and inform managers about other categories of absences. These same absence processes have already been integrated into Slack.

flair users can request time off or communicate sick leave to a manager using an optimized instant or direct message on the flair app in Slack. Any updates made on Slack can also be viewed on the Employee Hub.

So give it a go, log into the flair app on Slack or contact our flair sales team to see how you can sign up to use our all-in-one HR management solution.

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