Make Absences Simple To Manage

Avoid scheduling mishaps and boost staff retention – create an attendance policy, organize sick leave, and speedily approve staff vacations with intuitive absence management tools.

How To Organize Absences

Build an absence management strategy and manage employee leave according to the circumstance.

Tailor Absence Categories

Define your absence policy and create official categories for all forms of employee leave.

Manage Accrual Policies

Manage how employees accrue leave of absence days like vacation or overtime.

Automate Absence Reports

Stay up to date on absence trends and ensure your company is labor law compliant by monitoring automated reports.

Process Absence Requests

Respond to requests in a flash. Get easy access to all the information you need to make a decision.

Organized Absence Management

Streamline Absence Tracking

Reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks like absence tracking, shift planning, and vacation management.

Boost Employee Welfare

Build transparent absence request procedures and facilitate employee time off smoothly.

Reduce Costly Absenteeism

Create clear attendance policies and establish a workplace environment free of unnecessary absences.

Oversee All Absence Management Tasks

    Reschedule Shifts

    Instantly see overlapping absences on the calendar and make better-informed work scheduling decisions.

    Set Absence Rules

    Fully customize your absence policy with in-app settings. Create official absence procedures for sick leave, birthdays, or charity days.

    Assist Requests

    Empower staff to privately communicate their reasons for being absent and create an easy vacation request procedure via the Employee Hub.


Use Your Favorite Tools To Manage Absences

Absence management happens across teams and tools. That's why flair integrates with Slack, Google Calendar, and more.

Structure Absence Strategies

Use flair’s API for Custom Needs

Discover Talent In Any Industry

Whether you're just getting started or are already a big name, our solution scales to your needs.


    flair Helps Medical Experts To Plan Well-Deserved Holidays

    Through the flair Employee Hub, bestsmile dental consultants across 36 locations can request absences or log vacation plans with ease.


    Consultancies Codify Absence Policies Using flair

    The flair HR solution allows companies like Salesfive to customize absence management procedures that are in tune with their staff.


    Tech Firms Use flair's Absence Tools

    Hannover-based HERO Software uses the flair HR solution to reach employee management goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is absence management important?

Absence management is the strategy used to handle or respond to staff absences and holiday requests. It is the policies, procedures, and systems put in place to ensure workplace disruption is minimized and that productivity is maintained when staff members are away.

An effective absence strategy can safeguard the running of a business, improve employee well-being, reduce absenteeism, and decrease associated costs.

Absence management software, such as the flair HR solution, helps automate company procedures and improves the way in which employee leave is communicated, responded to, calculated, tracked, and assessed.

flair provides companies of all sizes with an all-in-one HR management system that includes an end-to-end absence solution. Rely heavily on spreadsheets no longer. Oversee absences with ease and even on the go with our user-friendly Mac app, or our mobile app for iOS and Android.

How can employees request a leave of absence with flair?

Using flair, requesting a vacation, or communicating an absence because of illness is very simple.

By logging onto the Employee Hub, a cloud-based staff platform, users can disclose all the information required to satisfy a company’s absence request policy.

By filling in a few key fields, employees can send management notice of their absence or time off at the click of a button. Users can also notify management about planned absences through the flair app on Slack.

The Employee Hub streamlines communication between staff and management.

Through the management side of the Employee Hub, managers can receive absence notifications in real-time, communicate absence approvals, reschedule shifts, and much more.

What is meant by absence categories?

flair allows employers to cultivate a leave management structure that works for their company or business. This means being able to create absence types for employees to choose from on the flair platform.

Through the flair absence settings on Salesforce, companies and employers can tailor the categories their staff will choose from when requesting or logging a leave of absence.

This feature allows companies to establish an absence management system that fits their workplace. It also helps in automating processes like vacation day accrual and the generation of absence trend data.

What is an accrual policy?

An accrual policy sets out how absence entitlement is calculated. It is sometimes referred to as a leave balance. An accrual policy determines how and when staff members accrue days like vacation leave.

For example, a company may provide its staff with 28 paid holidays over the course of one year. By setting out an accrual policy, employees know exactly where they stand on entitlements like sick leave and holiday requests.

Meanwhile, companies can effectively keep on top of absences, work hours, and therefore employee leave eligibility.

What is the Employee Hub?

The Employee Hub is a flair app that allows managers and other staff to organize processes and data that inform their time at work. It is how managers and staff provide input during their workplace lifecycle.

A tool for all staff, the Employee Hub helps in facilitating onboarding, payroll, employee scheduling, recruitment, absence management, and much more.

With absence management features such as workflow management, document storage, time tracking, team calendars, leave approval channels, and shift scheduling, companies can respond to all eventualities.

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