Product Update: November 2021

Product Update: November 2021

Product Update: November 2021

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Happy November ! Here comes another round of exciting updates from our Product team. Throughout the past few months, we have developed a brand new onboarding process for new hires within the Employee HUB, added absence management to flair's app, and improved a variety of features. So without further ado, let's dive into it!

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Brand New Workflows & Onboarding

We are very proud to announce that this month we have released flair's Workflows. We have improved the visualisation of multiple workflows including the new onboarding to bring more transparency and efficiency to the HR processes. With our new workflow feature you will be able to assign specific tasks that require execution and tracking to managers, performance managers, or a desired team/employee. Meanwhile, From the perspective of Salesforce, you will find a table containing the most relevant information about each task. In this way, you will easily identify problems and check the progress at any time.

So now that we have introduced flair's new workflows, let's dive into the brand new onboarding! Our new users of flair will get a brand new welcoming experience on our Employee HUB! As the new user enters flair's HUB, they will see a welcome banner and an assigned workflow with a list of task to lead them throughout their onboarding plan.

During the onboarding process, it’s quite frequent that your HR department needs some data requests from new employees. In order to make this process easier, we enabled a new component, which allows to specifically ask for a document from the employee.

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Absence Management: Improvements

When it comes to Absence Management there are various things that have been improved over the last month. Firstly there is a new way to manage your absence settings such as categories, policies and assigned employees. With our new 3-panel layout, HR managers will be able to have a better absence management overview. Each panel represents absence category, policy of selected category and an assigned employee. Now, managing specific absence types will be much more efficient since you can assign it to to multiple employees all at once!

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Additionally, we have improved the absence overview to show absence category chart, yearly absence distribution and an absence overview table. Now, HR managers are be able to have all absence data in one place. Meanwhile, we have also updated unlimited absence overview, in order to ensure managers the full picture of unlimited absences used throughout the year.

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Mobile App: Absence Management

This month we have also released absences feature on our mobile app - from now on you can check your upcoming absences, view available vacations days and request time-off wherever you are, whenever you want.

Employee HUB: New

You asked - we delivered! From now on, it's possible to completely customise the "Personal data" page by adding related lists within the Employee HUB.

Shift Planner: Improvements

To assure the accuracy of your workload hours with scheduled shifts - you can now fetch your timesheets directly into shift planner to have the actual data of your working hours!

Performance Cycles: Improvements

As we add more customisation, cycles become more flexible and can be used for different purposes. We now added a component that lets you determine whether you want to require a meeting or not to finish with the process.


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