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Thoughts and News from flair

21 Jul 2021

Semi-Structured Interview

19 Jul 2021

What Is Corporate Culture, Exactly?

Every business has a culture, and every culture is different. It is the unique way of behaving and acting within every organization. Corporate Culture is a set of characteristics that makes the company unique, and above all, it is the repository of decisions and behaviors.
16 Jul 2021

People Management

Employees are arguably the most important asset of any business. Their performance has a massive impact on the overall success and profitability of your company. But you can’t just rely on skilled workers to boost your business and it takes more than just training to improve the efficiency of your staff. This is where people management comes into play. This can sound like a vague concept that is closely related to human resources, but it’s more akin to developing a great employee experience that stems from positive company culture.
14 Jul 2021

Internal Recruitment: The Ultimate Guide

For the majority of businesses, human resources typically focus on external candidates when any new role pops up. While this focus on external recruitment may often prove fruitful, it mightn’t always be the best approach to every position. Instead, your company might want to try internal recruitment. If you haven’t engaged in the practice itself, the term might be relatively explanatory. There’s much more to it than meets the eye, however, especially when it comes to finding the right internal candidate.
12 Jul 2021

Remuneration Packages

Remuneration packages are common, with many companies working extremely hard to make sure that their teams get to enjoy extra perks when they are working for them. But what exactly are remuneration packages and how can they help your business? Let’s take a look at this vital element of business to give you a good idea of how it works.
09 Jul 2021

EU Mandatory Time Tracking

In May 2019, the European Court of Justice came up with a new ruling that has caused significant changes to the world of business. This new ruling decreed that all employers in the EU must implement a system that tracks the working hours of their employees. These new directives cover a number of factors, and specific arrangements that can be found in this article.
07 Jul 2021

The Guide to Effective Succession Planning

The steps and processes of the succession planning process in business
05 Jul 2021

Diversity Management

Achieving diversity in the workplace is a crucial element of a successful business in the 21st century. But, too many companies will pay simple lip service to expectations about workplace diversity without really making any legitimate steps towards encouraging proper workplace diversity.
28 Jun 2021

What’s new in flair: June

We are excited to announce that we have another round of useful updates in June from our Product team!
14 Jun 2021

How Your HR Can Benefit From Informal Communication

Informal communication is no longer a forgotten art. It is in fact an excellent business technique used in many workplaces. The following article will look at how your HR can benefit from informal communication, the types of informal communication, how informal communication methods benefit your business, and how it can be used to the best effect.
07 Jun 2021

Your Go-To Guide For Everything About Employee Handbooks

With an employee handbook, everyone knows where they stand and what’s expected of them. That way, employees can do the best job possible. This means you get an outstanding employee that’s on your side right from the start. 
01 Jun 2021

What is the Cultural Web Model?

Organizational culture has a massive influence on an organization’s performance. Even though, there are many organizations that may not manage or stimulate their own culture, a culture in any company can be extremely telling when it comes to looking at the future of the business. 
17 May 2021

The Importance of Staff Appraisals

Regardless of how big or small your team is, employee appraisals are crucial for nurturing a coherent working environment that sets your company up to grow and succeed.  And in this article, we’re going to explore exactly how to do them well.
01 May 2021

Why Salesforce is the perfect platform for HR

In 2019, an opportunity was presented to flair's co-founders that made them decide to launch an HR platform entirely native for Salesforce. With many great HR tools out there, it might sound crazy to navigate this market. But we believe we're on the way to create the perfect solution for fast-growing, mid-size companies to big enterprises to manage their HR department. Click here to find out why.
01 May 2021

Why Companies Should Fully Adopt E-Recruiting

The current circumstances of the world have prompted everything to become more and more automated, which is where e-recruiting comes in. If your company hasn’t adopted this effective process, it may be time to do so. Click here to read more about why companies should fully adopt remote e-recruiting so you can take the next step.
14 Apr 2021

Unpacking the Attrition Rate and Why It Matters

Regardless of what industry you’re in, the ability to recruit and retain top talent is one of the most important components of growing a thriving business. 
15 Mar 2021

How to Issue a Written Warning to an Employee

Whenever an employee is underperforming, it becomes crucial to issue a written warning. This post is all about issuing a written warning to an employee. Find out more about the writtent warning, its importance, what steps must be taken prior to it, and why you should keep a record of written warnings.
01 Mar 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Establishing a Stellar Onboarding Process

Find out more about the onboarding and elevate your employee satisfaction by improving your process with our interactive checklist!

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