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The flair Product Roadmap: Transparency and Collaboration

The flair Product Roadmap: Transparency and Collaboration

The flair Product Roadmap: Transparency and Collaboration

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The only HR Software without Limitations

We understand that your input plays an important role in the development of our products. With this new public roadmap, we invite you to join us on this journey by providing valuable feedback and insights that will help shape the direction of our product development. Your feedback has always been vital to us, and now, by sharing this roadmap, we invite you to join us in building the future of flair!

The Power of Transparency

Here at flair, transparency is more than a buzzword to us. We know that it’s an essential part of building a meaningful relationship between our customers and stakeholders. We don’t just see it as a popular phrase; we truly believe in the power of transparency, as it helps build trust among our customers and creates an environment where collaboration between us can shine. That’s why we prioritize honest exchanges and thoughtful information sharing as a way of demonstrating trustworthiness. By being transparent about our plans for the future, we hope to maintain this trust and create closer ties with you all.

Our public roadmap is a clear and accessible resource that provides an inside look into our product plans and strategies. By embracing transparency through our roadmap, we would love for you to be an active participant in the development process and help shape the future of flair. Your insights and feedback are incredibly valuable to us, so we hope you can take advantage of this new opportunity to get involved with our product strategy!

Discover the flair Product Roadmap

Our roadmap tool is a two-way street! Not only is it a way for you to know what to expect when it comes to product updates, but it’s an invitation for your thoughts, suggestions, and needs on the flair product. Your input helps us make better decisions and create a user experience that works for everyone. And you can now easily submit your feedback and feature requests directly from the roadmap.

The flair roadmap is divided into three categories: In Progress, Planned, and Backlog. In Progress are all the new features we’re actively building right now. Planned is what’s in line to be built soon. And, finally, Backlog contains the ideas that are currently under consideration for development.

It’s easy to upvote your favorite features. Just click the arrow on the right-hand side on any roadmap item, and you can fill out your email address. Feel free to provide our product team with more detailed information about any feature you find by clicking "give feedback". We'd love to know more about the context and how you plan on using it.

Pierre Product Manager at flair talks about the product roadmap

Learn More From Our Product Team

We're super excited to show you all of the amazing new features and increased functionality coming from flair! Our team has been putting in a ton of hard work into making flair more helpful and efficient for our users. We spoke with Product Manager Pierre to find out what motivates him and learn what's in store for flair:

What makes the public product roadmap so special?

Pierre: For our users and customers, it's a fantastic way to gain an understanding of what we’re working on and help shape it by voting for projects and giving feedback. It’s a great tool that allows them to make their voice heard!

What do you love about building the flair product?

Pierre: Honestly, it's because every day brings something new. Every client has their own unique needs and finding an innovative solution to help them is like embarking on an adventure! Plus, creating flair has a real impact on company culture, which is just amazing. Working in HR gives me the chance to be part of something special.

What new features are you most excited about?

Pierre: We have been hard at work developing a myriad of great tools that will help managers get the most out of their teams. We are very excited to make flair an even better resource for managers to use!

What is your product vision for flair?

Pierre: Our mission at flair is to make HR an enjoyable and collaborative experience for everyone involved. We will strive to create a platform that not only serves companies but also empowers individuals with the tools they need for true personal development, contentment, and success. Our aim is to transform HR into a positive and fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

The Future of flair is YOU!

At flair, we’re all about people-first solutions. We know that without our incredible community of customers and stakeholders, we wouldn’t be where we are today! That’s why we’re committed to involving our current and potential customers in every step of the product workflow – so we can create the best possible tools and experiences tailored just for you. Here at flair, we value collaboration above all else, and we want to keep creating better products for workplace collaboration and communication. User feedback is a vital part of that process, so we invite you to explore our product roadmap tool and let us know what you like, what you don’t, and what you want to see in the future!

co-workers using flair HR software in the office

Keep Up With New Features and Learn More

We’re releasing lots of new features and improvements all the time at flair, and the best place to stay up-to-date with all of those is by heading over to our What’s New page. You can discover all the latest features and updates and how to use them in our posts and videos, plus subscribe for updates and you’ll get notifications on new releases! New Loom integrations, a revamped career portal builder, and an improved Employee Hub experience are just some of our recent updates. Head over to What’s New for more!

Meanwhile, we’re constantly updating the Learning Hub, where you can really take a deep dive into all of flair’s features and functions and learn how to make the most of the product.

Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see explained, we’re here to support you and be sure to check out the flair Product Roadmap.


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