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The Learning Hub: A Comprehensive Guide to flair

The Learning Hub: A Comprehensive Guide to flair

The Learning Hub: A Comprehensive Guide to flair

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The only HR Software without Limitations

The Learning Hub is an online resource to help you get the most out of flair. Curated by the expert team that brought you flair, the Learning Hub is where you can enhance your knowledge of flair features, find answers to product questions, and explore other educational content.

Who Can Benefit From the Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub is a free educational resource for anyone interested in boosting their knowledge of flair and HR management. It can assist both managers and other employees in using the flair HR solution.

From taking your first steps on the flair Employee Hub homepage to setting up HR management processes on Salesforce, we have handy enablement guides in the Learning Hub that are continuously evolving with our products.

At flair, we aim to perfect every aspect of the employee experience. As such, we want that journey to be as seamless and enlightening as possible.

Get to know the Learning Hub with this video walkthrough.

Grow Your Knowledge of flair

We like to think of the Learning Hub as a virtual classroom, the one-stop shop for all your questions regarding how to use flair. It is specially designed to help you grow your knowledge of flair and answer any questions about our apps. The Learning Hub also provides users with:

Easy Self-Service

With the Learning Hub, users receive a hands-on introduction to all aspects of the flair solution. Learn the basics through carefully outlined tutorials. Or why not delve deeper into the possibilities of flair with walk-through guides that help boost your skill levels?

The added beauty of this digital learning space is that it is self-paced. You are free to discover everything at your own speed. No time constraints or obligations. The Learning Hub is a free learning experience for all.

Faster Onboarding

The Learning Hub is for anyone seeking to increase their understanding of flair. As a resource, it has many functions. Use it to onboard HR staff to the flair solution. After all, this learning space includes in-depth guides on how to use every flair app, tool, and feature.

Assistance for Modern Teams

As advocates of asynchronous work, we believe that no matter the time zone or workplace, it should be easy for you to access the tools and information you need to succeed.

That’s why the Learning Hub is there to provide people working remotely, in-office, or anywhere, with guidelines on how to utilize flair effectively. Remember, this helpful resource provides smart, easy-to-understand, and quick solutions to your troubleshooting needs.

As always, we are constantly developing resources and tools to assist current clients as well as future flair partners. So, if you’d like to see specific topics or modules explained in greater detail, don’t hesitate to reach out and send us your request.

For now, please check out the latest Learning Hub guides below. Enjoy and we hope you'll find them helpful.

Inside the Learning Hub

  • Getting Started Discover the Employee Hub and get acquainted with flair’s Salesforce apps
  • Recruiting Figure out how to identify the brightest and best candidates for your company on-demand using the flair Recruiting app
  • Onboarding Make recurring processes like onboarding more efficient and consistent through automated workflows
  • Absences Create absences categories on Salesforce, schedule a holiday, or manage an absence request via the Employee Hub
  • Time Tracking Learn how to track your time as an employee or manage timesheets using the Employee Hub Manager page
  • Performance & Goals Evaluate progress, trigger new behaviors, and achieve your objectives by setting up feedback cycles and mastering employee assessments
  • Engagement Measure and increase valuable employee engagement
  • Document Management Digitize your HR paperwork and save time and effort
  • Shift Planner Plan ahead and take a hands-on management approach to work schedules
  • Payroll Check out the main payroll management features on the flair HR app
  • Expenses Simplify the expense request and reimbursement process
  • Cheers Promote appreciation within your workplace and show support for colleagues with this Employee Hub engagement feature
  • Customer Support Find out how to seek assistance and keep up to date on our customer service features

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The only HR Software without Limitations

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