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Tom Jendriks

Tom Jendriks

  • 26 Articles

Millennials – Understanding the Way They Work

Millennials make up the majority of the workforce today. How can you attract and retain the best millennial talents? And is it time to rethink some of the stereotypes?

Tom Jendriks Tom Jendriks
  • 20 Jun 2024
  • Max 9 min read

How To Improve Employee Motivation in the Retail Sector

Get an insight into what retail workers, managers, and the human resources team can do to ensure job satisfaction and motivation in retail businesses.

Tom Jendriks Tom Jendriks
  • 18 Jun 2024
  • Max 7 min read

Physical Time Tracking: How Clocking-In Machines Enhance Workplace Efficiency

Methods of employee time tracking have come a long way over the years. Find out how software-integrated clocking-in machines save costs and facilitate compliance.

Tom Jendriks Tom Jendriks
  • 24 May 2024
  • Max 6 min read

100 Job Interview Statistics: First Impressions and Interview Processes

Master your next job interview with expert tips and statistics that will boost your confidence and impress potential employers.

Tom Jendriks Tom Jendriks
  • 16 Apr 2024
  • Max 13 min read

Salesforce Data Security: How the CRM Platform Protects Your Data

Salesforce has a strong reputation for data security. Learn more about the CRM platform’s data protection measures and what makes it ideal for storing HR data.

Tom Jendriks Tom Jendriks
  • 26 Mar 2024
  • Max 7 min read

95 Company Culture Statistics: Leadership, Employee Engagement, and Work-Life Balance

Explore eye-opening company culture statistics in this concise report. Gain insights into workplace dynamics and trends.

Tom Jendriks Tom Jendriks
  • 18 Jan 2024
  • Max 16 min read
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