Remote Interviewing – A Step-by-Step Guide

Fill positions remotely and have access to talent all around the world. Sounds great! Here's your step-by-step guide for creating a smooth interview process via the screen.

Kathi Herman Kathi Herman
  • 01 Dec 2022
  • Max 3 min read

Social Media Recruiting: Tips and Benefits

Social media has become an essential part in the process of finding the ideal candidates. This practical guide gives you a few tips for implementing your own social media recruiting strategy.

Katrin Kizilkan Katrin Kizilkan
  • 25 Oct 2022
  • Max 9 min read

What You Need To Know About A Technical Recruiter

A technical recruiter is the gatekeeper when it comes to hiring the right talent in technical fields. What makes a great technical recruiter is when they have a close relationship with you, as their partner.

Mina Düzdemir Mina Düzdemir
  • 27 Sep 2022
  • Max 7 min read

Press Release: Post Multiple Job Ads With One Click

Reaching a relevant audience is crucial when advertising job vacancies. At the same time, this often comes with more work and manual tasks. No more.

Nico Lind Nico Lind
  • 30 Aug 2022
  • Max 2 min read

Work Performed Vs. Duties and Responsibilities

You've probably seen the above terms on every job application, employment opportunity, and job search site you encountered during your job search efforts. You may have even thought they meant the same thing at some point. Well, not exactly. We wouldn't blame you for thinking that. These two terms can

Hannah Durevall Hannah Durevall
  • 24 Aug 2022
  • Max 9 min read

How to Make an Effective “We Are Hiring” Social Media Post

“We are hiring” social media posts are an effective way to attract your ideal candidate and promote your company brand. Find out how to write and structure your next hiring post effectively. One of the best ways to reach many potential candidates has always been through social media and professional

Evgenii Pavlov Evgenii Pavlov
  • 22 Aug 2022
  • Max 10 min read
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