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CULTURE OS - adapting flair to the future of HR

We had a chat with Evgenii Pavlov, flair founder and CEO, about the recent rebrand. Find out what's changed and what the future brings for flair.

Kathi Herman Kathi Herman
  • 06 Oct 2022
  • Max 3 min read
Inside flair

How To Interview A Potential Candidate: An All-Inclusive Guide

Conducting a successful interview affects almost every aspect of your business. Put more clearly, finding the right candidate starts with the interview process, which will affect teamwork, company culture, and productivity, to only name a few factors. Even though this blog post is aimed at helping HR professionals, it could

Mina Düzdemir Mina Düzdemir
  • 14 Jul 2022
  • Max 11 min read
Inside flair

Tracking Time With flair: A 3-Part Success Story

Out of all the excellent tools flair provides its customers, the Time Tracking feature has proven to be one of the most effective and productive for flair’s clients. We wanted to know how three exceptional companies, bestsmile, Hair&Skin, and Properti, have improved their daily operations and employee experiences

Evgenii Pavlov Evgenii Pavlov
  • 20 Apr 2022
  • Max 9 min read
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