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Why a Salesforce-Powered HR Solution Is the Future

Why a Salesforce-Powered HR Solution Is the Future

Why a Salesforce-Powered HR Solution Is the Future

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The only HR Software without Limitations

As work patterns and business needs continue to evolve, it has become harder for traditional HR processes to meet the demands of employees and employers.

If you think back to the HR way of yesteryear, working in human resources meant dealing with large amounts of manual paperwork and time spent on face-to-face interactions. This approach perhaps worked well when most employees worked on-site, communication largely followed hierarchical structures, career progression typically unfolded over decades within one company, and there were few alternatives.

However, the workplace has changed and will continue to change. Modernization means employee success, data-driven insights, and future-proofing your HR structure as well as your product or service. To adapt to the evolving work patterns and meet the demands of both employees and employers, HR departments have had to undergo significant modernization efforts. These changes are driven by various factors such as advancements in technology, economic fluctuations, shifts in workforce demographics, changing employee expectations, and the rise of remote work.

One of the key areas of modernization for HR is the adoption of technology-driven solutions. An increasing amount of enterprises now use some form of human resource information system (HRIS), applicant tracking system (ATS), or employee portal. And yet many HR processes could still be described as fragmented. According to Forbes, 70% of HR staff use three to six apps to complete a single task.

Numerous solutions on the market can certainly streamline different aspects of HR and recruitment management. However, few can handle both recruitment and HR processes from beginning to end. That's where the flair HR solution, built into Salesforce, shines.

Utilizing a Salesforce-powered HR solution, businesses can streamline and consolidate HR tasks while future-proofing the workplace as employment changes.

In recent years, Salesforce has become hugely popular for its versatility in developing a wide range of applications. Its highly flexible, customizable, and easy-to-use development dashboards make it an ideal fit for businesses that want to streamline their business operations and quickly scale their organization through automated workflows and templates.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why flair partnered with Salesforce when building out our HR offering. We’ll also explain how HR powered by the Salesforce-flair connection can help companies and HR professionals build a strong work culture, and maximize resources, as well as employee potential.

flair's Origin Story

After a combined 25+ years of working in various industries, the flair founders became passionate about the employee experience being just as valuable and rewarding as customer satisfaction.

But the founders of flair were determined to make something revolutionary in a crowded HR services space. Thanks to their experience with Salesforce consultancies and the potential they saw in the US cloud-based CRM, they knew it was more than just a tool for sales. So, utilizing this knowledge and insight, they set out on an ambitious mission – to create a game-changing HR solution that is now known as flair.

Today, flair provides users with a 360-degree HR and recruitment management solution. We can be found on the Salesforce AppExchange, where our app has a five-star rating.

Salesforce AppExchange: The AppExchange is an online marketplace that allows Salesforce users to browse and download a wide range of third-party applications, including flair. Launched in 2005, it is one of the world’s largest business app sales places.

What Can the flair HR Solution Offer?

flair provides value to HR professionals, recruiters, and companies in a rapidly developing workplace environment. Five years ago, the idea of an asynchronous working pattern with remote meetings likely felt alien to the majority of people. Fast forward to today, and work structures feel very different. The possibilities are endless with advancing technology and a growing desire from people to build working environments that are productive but also positive for those operating within them.

In the labor market, the demand for functionality and success metrics remains constant. However, with the advent of technological advancements, a surge in workers' rights, and a deeper understanding of mental health, the significance of prioritizing people in the workplace is becoming increasingly evident.

flair offers modern teams the tools to effectively manage all facets of HR, regardless of company size, industry, or work style. We enable companies to not only address immediate needs but also plan for the future. Our solution is geared towards providing organizations with enterprise-standard HR that contributes to a positive work culture.

In short, flair helps enhance HR tasks so that every employee can thrive in their workspace.

Using flair, HR professionals can automate various HR functions, such as recruitment, onboarding new employees, performance management, and employee engagement. Our solution also offers employees a user-friendly self-service portal where they can easily handle various HR-related tasks, including updating personal information, requesting time off, and accessing pay slips.

We believe flair is valuable for everyone at work. By connecting with a Salesforce-native HR solution, companies can use the top CRM platform to organize their data and streamline tasks across different departments. And employees enjoy features that are made with them in mind, which helps them feel more empowered.

Benefits of an HR Solution on Salesforce

Out of the 117 apps categorized as HR solutions on the Salesforce AppExchange, a noteworthy 51 have received 5-star reviews. So let's delve into why flair chose to partner with Salesforce. Furthermore, we'll underscore the advantages of an all-encompassing human resources solution constructed on the Salesforce platform.

Security: Since flair is built on the Salesforce platform, it inherits the top-notch security measures of the world's leading CRM. Data belonging to flair HR users is stored and managed within the Salesforce environment, ensuring compliance with data residency and sovereignty regulations for businesses.

Some of the top security benefits of a Salesforce-native platform like flair include Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption both at rest and in transit, multi-factor authentication, data loss prevention measures, and security audits to ensure compliance with various industry standards and regulations such as ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II, and GDPR. As a solution on the AppExchange, flair is also subject to detailed Salesforce security audits. Meanwhile, Salesforce deploys a number of automated security measures that identify and respond to security incidents in real time.

Our Co-Founder Evgenii and CFO Romain at TrailblazerDX.

Cloud-Based: Being a cloud-based HCM or HR solution on Salesforce means users can access flair from anywhere, at any time, as long as they have an internet connection. This means that employees can easily access their HR information and complete tasks such as submitting time-off requests, organizing payroll, onboarding new joiners, and more from remote locations.

Versatility: flair’s Salesforce foundation means it benefits from many customization options that can be applied to almost any HR and recruiting task. Through point-and-click configuration options, flair clients can store important data, modify dynamic fields and layouts, automate workflows, and more to suit their specific workplace and HR needs.

For example, utilizing Salesforce's custom objects and fields, flair users can securely store and manage comprehensive amounts of employee information such as personal details, job history, skills, and training records.

Our solutions's cloud-based architecture ensures that data storage and processing capabilities can scale up or down based on the organization's needs. Additionally, features such as data archiving and partitioning help optimize performance and maintain data integrity as the volume of data increases.

So whether your business is a startup or an enterprise-grade organization, flair can scale effortlessly to accommodate growing employee bases and expanding operations – even across multiple locations.

HCM: In Salesforce terms, flair can also be classed as an HCM, or Human Capital Management system. That’s because flair’s people-focused software is designed to help organizations manage and optimize their workforce.

Centralized Data: By transitioning to an HR solution on Salesforce, companies can centralize their data. When data is scattered across various tools or spreadsheets, there are often limitations in metrics analysis and differences in data sets. However, consolidating all data onto Salesforce removes data silos, and reduces the need for manual workarounds. Get crucial insights in less time with all your people data stored on Salesforce. Check out some of flair's analytical capabilities here.

Automation: HR managers, recruiters, and employees all reap the benefits of flair's automation and AI functionalities. For instance, you can effortlessly schedule payroll runs, handle approvals for salary adjustments or bonuses, and seamlessly integrate flair with external payroll systems for smooth data transfers.

Automate tasks like sending welcome emails or interview notices, and automatically generate employee records when a new hire joins the system. Using advanced AI technology, flair can also assist in candidate screening and crafting job descriptions. As we continue to evolve, expect even more capabilities to be added to the flair AI toolkit.

With Salesforce serving as its foundation, flair offers extensive customization options, ranging from data storage and field modification to workflow automation and beyond. This ensures that our solution perfectly aligns with your specific HR and recruitment preferences.

AppExchange Infrastructure: The AppExchange is where you can find apps that can be easily integrated with Salesforce. By downloading HR apps like flair, companies can save time and effort on integration by reducing the need for manual data entry. All Salesforce partners are carefully vetted for their credentials, knowledge, and the quality and consistency of their products. So, companies that buy from this channel are guaranteed Salesforce quality.

Highly Scalable: Salesforce, through its structure and partnership program, is built for scalability. At flair, we have an incredible network of developers, marketers, and customer success staff that have made us what we are today. But the tools, resources, and frameworks provided by Salesforce have given the flair product and many other apps a helping hand. For example, the Lightning App Builder is a drag-and-drop interface that allows partners to create custom, mobile-responsive user interfaces without writing any code. Salesforce also allows for modular development, meaning certain features can be added or removed as needed. It’s part of the reason why flair is so responsive to different industry needs. The other reason is that we care about creating a solution that can enhance HR processes.

Integration With Other Tools: The Salesforce platform offers a wide range of integration capabilities that enable flair to seamlessly connect with other tools and applications. For example, a lot of flair features such as time tracking and absence requests have already been integrated with Slack. flair is a highly collaborative solution that facilitates communication and conversation across different departments and teams, breaking down information barriers. Salesforce enables this thanks to integrations through its set of REST and SOAP APIs.

Both SOAP and REST APIs facilitate integration by providing a standardized way to exchange data between applications. By using APIs, developers can build applications that interact or fit with other systems and services.

Mobile App Options: Building on Salesforce opens up mobile app capabilities through the Salesforce Mobile SDK, a powerful mobile app development platform. With the Salesforce Mobile SDK, developers gain access to intelligent tools that facilitate the creation of custom mobile applications. These apps seamlessly integrate with Salesforce data and functionality, enhancing the mobile experience for users.

Powerful Analytics: With flair, you can generate almost any kind of report and customize dashboards as needed. As an all-in-one human resources information system built on Salesforce, you benefit from the power and performance of the world’s leading enterprise platform. While flair comes with a range of standard, pre-built reports, such as salary reports, absence rates, and employee turnover, you can report on any custom field that you have created in Salesforce.

What’s more, team managers have access to real-time charts in our cloud-based self-service portal, the Employee Hub. flair also easily integrates with other Salesforce software, such as Tableau, which features predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities.

Salesforce Support Options: We’re glad to have the support of Salesforce through the innovative Partner Community and round-the-clock real-time technical support. Our staff also loves the addition of the Trailhead learning resource, which provides a range of training modules and certification programs.

flair at a Dreamforce event.

Salesforce Community:  We’ve had so many positive experiences linking up with this vibrant community at events like TrailblazerDX, the Salesforce World Tour, and French Touch Dreamin’. Engaging with the Salesforce community in person and online is a great way to learn, chat with thought leaders, and identify ongoing trends. We’re glad to be providing value to HR teams in this community, too.

flair Provides Modern HR Value

When you're on the hunt for an HR solution, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the options available – and there are many good ones. But with flair, you're not just getting another HR tool – you're investing in a solution designed to meet the challenges of today's and tomorrow's workplace. Our Salesforce partnership further positions flair as a future-proof HR solution choice.

With powerful analytics, storage, management, customization, an employee portal, help desk, and integration features, flair provides professionals with a comprehensive solution to modern-day HR challenges.

And as the workplace continues to change rapidly, flair remains adaptable, offering valuable support to HR professionals, recruiters, and companies. Asynchronous work patterns, remote collaboration, changing expectations, and emerging technology are changing the ways we work. flair ensures that organizations can effectively manage all HR tasks, no matter their size, industry, or future goals, by adapting to these changes.

For more information about what flair can do for you, check out our product pages on our homepage. You can also read about HR triumphs experienced by our clients on the Success Hub.


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