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Top Tips from the AppExchange Whisperer

Top Tips from the AppExchange Whisperer

Top Tips from the AppExchange Whisperer

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Peter Ganza is the AppExchange Whisperer. And it might just be one of the most attention-grabbing Salesforce monikers out there in a crowded field of creative names and personas.

We had the pleasure of chatting to Peter about his expertise and insights for The Influencer Series.

So what is the AppExchange Whisperer all about? Behind the catchy name, there’s a lot more going on. It has earned Peter a place among the top figures in the Salesforce community.

Based out of Toronto, Canada, Peter's wealth of experience in the tech industry and being a Salesforce alum has made him a sought-after expert on the AppExchange.

Advisory on the AppExchange

Salesforce's AppExchange is brimming with a diverse range of applications and consultants, spanning from services like project management tools to HR solutions like flair.

Peter helps partners understand the complex search algorithm affecting their listings' performance and provides insights into how to maximize the quality and quantity of leads.

Having managed many ISV (independent software vendors) and SIs (system integrators) listings over time, he has found out what works and, perhaps more importantly, what doesn't.

“Essentially I consult with Salesforce ISV & SI partners,” he explains.

“I work with all types of companies but it tends to be the enterprises that move the quickest. I break down every area of a listing and tell you exactly what needs to be done. Many of the recommendations are low effort and positively impact performance immediately.”

Peter’s AppExchange Whisperer service involves an assessment of a clients offering on the Salesforce marketplace. It’s during this forensic assessment that he also reviews overall GTM such as client websites, social media, how to engage with the AppExchange Marketing Program, and events.

One of the critical challenges many partners face on the AppExchange is focus. According to Peter, one factor of success for any app listing is to nail down the primary use case it excels at and then go to market effectively.

While it's tempting to pack an app with promises, Peter emphasizes that a great app stands out with features that work exceptionally well.

On the topic of sales, the AppExchange Whisperer advises app creators not to be afraid to say "no" when necessary. Bringing on board a customer who doesn't fit your product's primary use case can lead to a disjointed experience for all parties involved, creating what Peter aptly describes as "an island" that benefits no one.

From an account management perspective, he adds: “You want to be talking to and checking in with your clients. You don’t want to be pushy and constantly trying to sell them something but it's important to add value. One of the best ways of doing that is through engagement.”

Dreamforce 2022. Credit: Salesforce

Salesforce Community Spirit

Working so closely with people within the Salesforce ecosystem, he says there is indeed something special about the people that make up the community.

“There’s so much to like about the Salesforce community. Everyone’s willing to share knowledge and help out in a very unique way,” he explains.

“I worked for many years in old-school B2B tech companies which had ecosystems, partners, and alliances. But there’s just something about Salesforce. The community is absolutely phenomenal.”

Salesforce, Slack, and AI

Ahead of Dreamforce 2023, the buzz around Salesforce's AI innovation is undeniable. Acknowledging the power of this tech, Peter also reminds us not to forget about Slack. The global CRM is now incorporating OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform into Slack.

Peter believes that Slack will continue to be at the forefront along with AI, given that CEO Marc Benioff has previously emphasized its importance.

Indeed Benioff has said that his dream is for Slack to “wake up” and become AI intelligent itself.

“From a messaging perspective that (Slack first) has fallen from the mainstream,” Peter says “I’m positive that’s still going to happen… and in terms of AI, I feel like we’re at the early stages.

“It’s going to turn into the new way of doing things. Nobody can even imagine what the future’s going to look like. But everyone is working on AI.”

Building Up to Dreamforce 2023

As the flair team puts the finishing touches to our Dreamforce 2023 visit, Peter gives some solid advice for some first-time attendees.

“I love Dreamforce and I’ve been many times. I’ll give two pieces of advice. One, bring comfortable shoes. You don’t need high heels or dress shoes walking around,” he laughs.

“You’re going to be doing a lot of walking and standing waiting to get into rooms. So if you’re not presenting or meeting clients, have a comfortable pair of running shoes.

“The other thing I would recommend is choosing your agenda. You’re not going to be able to go to everything. Focus on what you can, network, and enjoy yourself.”

Trailhead – A Free University

Speaking of enhancing your Salesforce comfort and making effective plans, Peter underscores the significance of choosing wisely.

Such is the power of the CRM that Salesforce can indeed feel a bit overwhelming for newcomers. However, as Peter highlights, there are clear pathways available to help people navigate and harness the benefits to its fullest potential. You may find that you are interested in being an administrator or developer, for example.

“You do need to start somewhere and Trailhead is just phenomenal. It’s basically a free university. What I often tell people is, whatever their background, go up on Trailhead.

“Make an account and start learning and they tend to find really quickly that 'yes, I like building a Flow,' or 'I'm leaning towards another area.'"

Great advice. As we look ahead to the future, characterized by cutting-edge technologies like AI and innovations like Salesforce's integration with Slack, one thing becomes clear: the journey within the Salesforce ecosystem is an ever-evolving adventure.

Peter's advice, not only about the AppExchange, but also about finding one's path within Salesforce, serves as a reminder that there's always room for growth and discovery.

To find out more about Peter’s work as the AppExchange Whisperer, visit his website here.

Note: Peter and flair do not have any business affiliations.


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