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HR Platform for Retail

Flair is perfectly suitable for the retail industry and can help you and your team optimise efficiency. From managing diverse workforces, keeping track of reports & goals to efficient absence management, flair provides a wide range of automated HR opportunities for retail to have the most pleasant HR experience.

HR Platform for Retail - flair.hr

Shift-Planner & Absence Management

With flair's shift-planner, your team can drastically decrease the amount of time you spend on making a schedule by automating your processes. Your manager can use predefined shifts and add necessary adjustments to fit your daily needs.

  • Skill-based demand planning
  • Invite employees from different locations
  • Time-Effective Predefined Templates

Your employees will also benefit through the increased flexibility that we offer with our open shifts feature, where they can either accept or decline the available open shifts with just one click!

Our absence management feature allows you to plan absences according to everyone else. We recognise that one absence policy does not fit all companies. Thus, flair's software enables the flexible configuration of any absences you want. Whether you decide to configure absences by location, departments, or even time-based absences. Anything is possible with flair!

Additionally, our adaptable overview of absences, which can also be customized based on various filters, allows you to stay organized and on top of everything. The process of calculating the remaining absences can be highly time-consuming. Flair automatically calculates time-off and your current absence balance based on the Time-Tracking feature that we provide.

Time Tracking

With our time-tracking feature, your team can easily track their working time. Your employees can leave a note on every time-track to keep you up to date with their progress. Our mobile app enables location-based tracking, to make sure they are in the shop as they work. However, there are also other ways to time track:

  • Website - an excellent overview of your progress
  • Desktop - control your time while working on your tasks

Flair enables you to monitor performance, allowing you to get rid of chaotic paperwork and capture everything in one report. This feature automatically generates reports on your employees’ working hours for you to export and use for payroll. The hours that are worked overtime can be immediately calculated into the payroll. Also, employees and managers can access timesheets at any time.

Performance Review

Achieve astonishing improvements with ongoing feedback, with flair! Flair helps to align managers with employees in no time. Managers just have to publish the feedback questions, the employees immediately receive a request to access the questions on the employee HUB, and once the feedback is completed, it can be sent back to the manager. As the HR manager, you can create a feedback cycle and a variety of templates suitable to your team. This could be particularly useful for regional retail shops as well as for store leaders to keep the useful feedback and achieve great results.


Flair offers organized and adaptable data presentations with a configurable data overview to meet your demands. Tracking the Recruiting process could become a time-consuming hassle. That is why flair makes sure your team has the most efficient process when it comes to monitoring recruiting stages. We enable you to immediately work with candidate data, upload various files in one go, and send customizable emails to the team and candidates.

  • You can access Kanban and list views for a pleasant analytical experience
  • Send emails in bulk to save your time, all with a click of a button!

Keeping in mind that each company is individual, we provide a customizable way of managing the recruiting process internally. Your internal recruiting experience ranges from a diverse notification system with customizable emails, easily configurable referral bonuses, and automated recruiting reports to drive improved performance.

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Hello, we are flair. Our goal is to translate the positive effects of revolutionizing how companies engage with their clients & their team.

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