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flair is a complete platform built on top of Salesforce design to help professionalize HR departments

We are flair. We are a tech company building HR and Recruiting apps for Salesforce.

HR and recruiting is undetachable part of every organization. You can’t imagine a company not working with employee data or not hiring at least once in a while. But there is one thing that not every software company can solve – how to adapt processes for your exact organization?

This is why we started our company on Salesforce. It enables us to provide companies with the HR and Recruiting foundation and give them a tailored solution for their requirements.

We developed a suite to use one solution for almost all HR and recruiting processes the company needs. Combining it with Salesforce, where all your data is already in one place, allows companies to integrate it with their other internal functions.

Thanks to the platform, it is possible to create your automation based on your own decisions. Moreover, it is possible to customize almost every aspect of HR and Recruiting.

The people behind it

Evgenii Pavlov


Vinicius Higa

Lead Architect

Elina Pavlova

Salesforce Administrator

Mary Isaeva

Marketing Manager

Maher Khdeir

Software engineer

Ekaterina Svishcheva

UX designer

Malagi Watman

UX designer

Ali Hijleh

Software engineer

Sofia Isaeva

Design & Marketing Intern

Kikelomo Blavo

UX Designer

Artem Kireev

Software engineer

Artem Yagutyan

Software engineer

Leon Schneider

Digital Marketing Manager

Mariana Martins

Web developer

Mina Düzdemir

Content Writer

Kelsey Kaczynski

Content Writer

Nico Lind

HR Content Specialist

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Our investors

Philip Magoulas

Philip Magoulas

Co-Founder and CFO at bestsmile

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Hello, we are flair. Our goal is to translate the positive effects of revolutionizing how companies engage with their clients & their team.