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Streamline your HR processes

Flair is a complete platform built on top of Salesforce designed to help advanced HR departments by having reliable, secure, adaptive, and cost-efficient processes.

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The right way to scale your business

Automate your HR department

Get rid of time-consuming exchanges between your employees, managers, and HR department. Our product provides ready-to-use solutions for a more efficient and less chaotic HR department.

Accelerate onboarding

Ensure your future employees will have a great start with an error-free and smooth onboarding experience. The first impression is always the one that counts. Make sure you get it right!

Grow your talents

The intuitive reporting capabilities of the Salesforce, combined with having all the data in one system, will allow you to generate valuable insights to make timely decisions and guide your employees.

Data that you control

Take decisions at the right time

  • All your data in one place. Having a single platform for all your processes makes it simple to cross-reference data.

  • The most powerful data analysis in the market. Flair automatically works with every data analysis tool built for Salesforce.

  • Automated notifications when something is wrong. Use Salesforce's capabilities to get notified when something doesn't go accordingly, no need for developers.

  • Powerful dashboards. Have the most relevant KPIs for your business one click away.

The most powerful platform

A tool built for collaboration and efficiency

  • Everything in the palm of your hand. Enjoy our multi-channel communication between employees and managers.

  • Smart overview to help to make decisions. From requesting time off to analyzing the worked hours, every functionality is carefully developed to support the planning of the next steps.

  • A more engaged organization. With company updates and our interactive features, every employee will feel like they belong and will know how important they are.

The building blocks of a powerful platform

Employee database

All data from your employees in a central place and actionable for your internal automations.

Document management

Keep your employee’s documents secure in Salesforce and with help of the build-in permission system never worry about unauthorised access.


A comfortable and transparent way for your employees to request and approve time-off and leave request.

Time tracking

Enjoy a clear and elaborate time tracking interface with a weekly overview of automated overtime compensation.


An easy and integrated way to review payouts and generate documents for your tax accountant.

Shift planner

Flair optimizes scheduling to align with your demand. With our solution, employees have control over their work which is critical to job satisfaction.


Handle candidates with the same care and efficiency that your company handles their leads.

Employee self-service

Let your employees request anything from vacation to changes on their data from our web and mobile applications.

Manager self-service

A place where managers can control and approve their employee's absences, timesheets, shifts and much more.

Accessible from anywhere, at any time, in any device.

What our clients are saying

Having all of our HR processes on the platform enabled us to more than double our size in less than a year without creating chaos. We could use their platform right away, and customize and integrate it with the other departments of our organization afterward.

Florian Gehring

Managing director

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We love flair because of its variety of features which helped us digitalize all our HR processes for more than 200 employees. It allows us to minimize chaos and focus on growth. We can definitely recommend it as all the important topics are covered!

Marcel Kubli


bestsmile's logo

The intuitive user interface and broad range of functionalities make this tool a must have for everyone who wants to manage employees in salesforce. Great team and exceptional customer support, definitely recommend!

Manuel Inauen

CEO, Kollabo AG

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Hello, we are Flair. Our goal is to translate the positive effects from revolutionizing how companies engage with their clients & their team.

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