The flair Learning Hub Launch

19 January 2023

Introducing the Learning Hub

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of the flair Learning Hub! 📚

This new online resource is designed to help you get the most out of our HR management tools and features. Let’s take a look at what the Learning Hub has to offer.

Enhance Your flair Expertise

The Learning Hub is a free educational resource for anyone interested in boosting their knowledge of flair and HR management.

Curated by our expert Customer Success team, the Learning Hub is perfect for bringing new users up to speed on the flair HR solution. Experienced flair users will find useful content and smart feature updates to help them maximize their experience.

Train HR teams on flair or simply brush up on individual HR processes as an employee. There are plenty of tips on topics like how to organize your Employee Hub, request absences, manage payroll, onboard staff, and much more.


Learning Hub Access

Visit the Learning Hub on our website through the Resources tab on top of the flair homepage. Or, read more about it on the flair HR blog.

Main Features

Here are the main resources provided by the Learning Hub:

  • New User Guides
  • Product Explainer Pages
  • Discover flair Tools & Apps
  • flair Feature Updates
  • Success Hub

Inside the Learning Hub

The Learning Hub covers every topic you will need to enhance your HR processes and improve the employee experience. Check out our in-depth explainers on:

Through the Learning Hub, we'll be bringing you new and exciting educational content. Try it out today!

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