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Digitizing your HR paperwork can save you time and effort. With flair, you have a central location to upload, manage, share, and securely store HR documents, payslips, and certificates.

How To Efficiently Manage Your Documents With flair

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Making Company Documents Available to Employees
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Making company documents easily accessible to all employees on the Employee Hub can be done through a few straightforward steps. To do this, you’ll need to access the flair HR app on Salesforce.

  • Begin by launching the flair HR app on your device. This app serves as the platform through which you can manage and distribute company documents.
  • Once you have launched the flair HR app, locate the navigation bar. In the navigation bar, you will find an option labeled Company Documents. Click on this option to proceed.
  • Alternatively, if you're unable to find the Company Documents option in the navigation bar, you can use the App Launcher to search for it. Simply enter Company Documents into the search bar.
  • After accessing the Company Documents section, you will be presented with an option to create a new document. Click on the New button to begin the process.
  • Next, give the document a meaningful and descriptive name that will help employees easily identify its content. This name will be displayed when employees access the document.
  • If you do not wish to immediately publish the document to all employees, you can mark it as a draft. Uncheck the draft checkbox to indicate that the document is ready for publication.
  • Next, proceed to upload the files you want to share with your employees.
  • Save the document to complete the publishing process.
  • To confirm that the document is accessible to all employees, switch to the Employee Hub. You should be able to see the newly published document on the Corporate page of the Documents section.

By following these steps, you can efficiently distribute company documents and ensure that important information is readily accessible to all employees.

Creating Document Builder Templates
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In the flair HR app, users have the option to generate templates for documents used in typical HR procedures such as reference letters, grant applications, and promotion notices.

Using a template ensures that essential documents are consistent in terms of formatting, tone, and content. Templates can also significantly reduce the time required to create individual letters or documents.
HR personnel or managers can quickly fill in the necessary details, such as the employee's name, job title, responsibilities, and achievements, without starting from scratch each time.

To use the Document Builder to send a document, you must first create a template.

  • For example, to create a reference letter template, go to the Document Builder Templates section on the HR Admin page in the flair HR app. It can be found under the heading entitled Other.
Other tab
  • Next, click New and give the document a name. In this case, we are creating a Reference Letter template.
New button
  • Within the newly created document, it is possible to build sections. To add a new section, click the New button.
Select New
  • Each section is assigned a numerical value based on its position in the template. In this example, we have created an introduction section labeled number 1, the body of the letter is marked 2, and the final sign-off at the bottom of the reference letter is section 3.
Numerical value
  • Use the HelpText field to provide prompts or guides for using the template.
  • Within each section, it is possible to create a number of text template options. For example, in a reference letter, you may want to provide different language Introduction options, or you may need an alternative sign-off for certain HR staff.
  • To create these text templates, click on a section, for example, introduction. Within the section, select New.
New 2
  • Give the text template a name, insert the text that will appear every time, and click Save to apply it to the correct section. In this case, we have chosen to create a selection of location and language options for our reference letter Introduction.
Title Name
Name 2
  • To create a complete template with multiple text options, this process can be duplicated for each section using the Document Builder Templates feature.

Creating a Document for a Specific Employee
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Once you've made your template using the Document Builder Templates page, go to the Document Builder and pick your template – for example, our Reference Letter template. If you can't find the Document Builder page, just click on the More tab.

  • Use the Select an Option search bar within the Document Builder tool. This will enable you to locate the appropriate template for your needs.
  • Next, identify the employee (or employees) for whom this document is being generated. The template you have created will then appear.
Employee Name

The (i) icon above each section is where the HelpText or prompts you created will appear. In this case, it is a description of the purpose of each reference letter section. However, it is possible to use prompts for a variety of purposes, including writing the exact text that should go inside a template.

i icon
  • On the left hand side of your screen, you will also see the text templates that were created using the Document Builder Templates feature. Clicking on one of the options will make it appear in the document you want to send.
  • Select Export and Save Document to apply the generated document to the desired employee. In this case, Sun Yang will receive this reference letter in the Documents section of their Employee Hub.
Reference Letter
Employee Documents
  • There is also the option to download a PDF version and print a paper copy if you wish.

Uploading Employee Documents in Bulk
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To upload employee documents in bulk to the Employee Hub using the flair HR app, follow these steps. This is helpful for the mass distribution of payroll documents or other files to the correct employees, who will receive them in the Documents section of the Employee Hub.

  • First, open the flair HR app and click on the More tab in the main taskbar
  • From the dropdown menu, select Mass Employee Documents Uploads
  • Click New to create a new template for uploading documents in bulk
  • Give your template a name
  • Next, choose the type of document you are uploading. For example, select Payroll as the Default Document Category.

Once you have completed the fields and clicked save, you will automatically be directed to the new template. Let’s take a look at how to choose who will receive the documents and complete the upload in bulk.

  • Use the Visibility box to determine who can receive and view the documents you wish to send. The options include: HR+Manager+Employee, or simply the HR department.
  • Within the template, it is also possible to give your documents a File Name Pattern. For example, {{flair__First_Name__c}}_{{flair__Last_Name__c}}.pdf. This is a quick way for the flair system to automatically assign documents to employees.
  • Click Update to save the File Name Pattern

Now it is time to upload all the relevant documents you wish to send.

  • To complete the process click Upload Files and select the relevant documents
  • The system will then assign documents to employees automatically wherever possible, based on the predefined File Name Patterns. It is also possible to manually assign documents to employees.
  • Once you are happy with the uploaded documents and have entered the intended recipients, click Create Employee Documents
  • The documents will then be visible to employees or managers in the Documents section of the Employee Hub

Document Generator
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The flair Document Generator can help you save time when creating files such as offer letters, work contracts, employee onboarding documents, and more. It also improves the consistency of your documents and reduces the risk of manual error when entering information. Here’s how it works.

Please note, the Document Generator is currently in a beta phase. The user will require the flair Beta permission set to gain early access to this feature.

Enabling the Document Generator
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To start using the Document Generator, you first need to enable it in your Salesforce org. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the HR Admin page and select the Integrations tab.
  2. Select the Document Generator and click Connect via Integration Service.
  3. A new Document Generator tab will now open, and you will see the message “Integration is connected but not enabled”. Click Enable to start using the Document Generator.

Creating a Document Template
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The Document Generator automatically creates personalized documents based on templates. You will first need to create your template and save it in the .docx file format. You can indicate any dynamic fields by using a placeholder in square brackets. For example, to include an employee’s name in a document, you could write: [Employee First Name] [Employee Surname]. These dynamic fields are know as merge tags.

Including these merge tags in your templates allows the Document Generator to automatically fill in the fields with information from your Salesforce org. In the final document, the merge tags will be replaced by up-to-date information, allowing you to quickly and accurately personalize documents for different employees.

Using the Document Generator
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Once you have enabled the feature in your org and created a document template, you’re ready to start using the Document Generator. Here’s how:

  1. Click the nine-dot icon 𓃑 to open the App Launcher and search Document Templates.
  2. Click New and give your template a name. Then click Save.
  3. Upload your document template via drag and drop or by using the Upload Files button. Document templates must be in the .docx file format.
  4. Once your template is uploaded, you will see a preview of the template. To the right of the preview, you will see the merge tags that you indicated using square brackets in your template. Match these tags with Salesforce fields by selecting the corresponding field from the drop-down list below the tag. For example, if you included a [Contract Date] tag in your template, you would need to select the Start Date field from the drop-down menu below this tag.
  5. Once you have matched the tags to the corresponding Salesforce fields, you can save your template.

Generating Documents
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Now that your document template is ready, you can quickly generate documents for employees.

  1. First, select an employee. You can find employees in the Employee and Staff & Docs tabs.
  2. In the employee’s record, select the Documents tab. Then click the Add from Template button and choose one of your Document Templates.
  3. The document will now start to generate. Once it is complete, you will see the preview with the dynamic fields filled in with the employee’s information stored in the flair HR app. To finalize your document, click the “Save to employee documents” button.
  4. If any of the dynamic fields are incorrect, you can make changes to the fields by editing the text in the fields to the right of the preview and regenerating the document. Once the document has regenerated, click “Save to employee documents”.

If you manually change dynamic fields when generating a document, these changes will be saved in the employee’s record. This is indicated by the “Update employee and regenerate document” button.

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Certificates are a great way to share and display proven skills within your company. With flair, you can easily create them and add all relevant information such as the issuer and issue and expiration dates. You can also attach documents and files.

Adding a Certificate From the Employee Hub
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You can easily create and manage certificates in the Employee Hub, whether you’re an employee or a manager.

Adding Certificates as an Employee

Click on My Data in the Employee Hub and then select Certificates.

To add a certificate, click the New Certificate button.

Employees can upload certificates to the Employee Hub

You can now either create a name for your certificate or add a name that has already been added by another employee. Then you can enter the certificate issuer, issue date, and where applicable the expiration date. If the certificate has already been issued, you can upload it by file or enter a certificate URL.

Click Save Certificate and your certificate will appear in your Employee Hub.

Choose a premade image to send to a colleague or record your own video

Managing and Adding Certificates as a Manager
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Select My Team when viewing your Employee Hub in Manager mode. You can then click on the employee you want to add a certificate to. In the upper navigation bar, click on Certificates to manage an employee’s certificates.

Managers can also check and upload employee certificates

By clicking New Certificate, you can add a certificate to an employee.

Uploading certificates in the manager view in the Employee Hub

You can now either create a name for your certificate or add a name that has already been added by another employee. Then you can enter the certificate issuer, issue date, and where applicable the expiration date. If the certificate has already been issued, you can upload it by file or enter a certificate URL.

Click Save Certificate and your certificate will appear in your Employee Hub.

Adding Certificates From Salesforce
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You can also add certificates to employees using the flair HR app in Salesforce. To do this, simply find an employee using the Search bar or through the Employees section of the navigation bar.

The employee certificates view in the flair HR app on Salesforce

Once you have found the employee, scroll down to the Employee Certificates tab and click New. There, you can add the details of the certificate and link to the certificate URL. Once you’re finished, click Save.

Adding an employee certificate in the flair HR app on Salesforce

Commenting on Certificates
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As part of the flair Comments feature, colleagues can now send instant messages, documents, web links, and emojis, related to certificates.

To do this, visit the Certificates section via the My Data tab on the Employee Hub. Identify the Name of the certificate you wish to comment on and then click on the Speech Bubble icon.

This will open a Comments box where you can write an instant message to a colleague associated with the certificate.

Adding an employee certificate in the flair HR app on Salesforce

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The flair e-signing feature can assist you in organizing signatures for contracts or files. With e-signatures, the cumbersome process of printing, signing, and scanning is eliminated, significantly reducing the time it takes to finalize deals and documents.

flair e-signatures include advanced encryption, providing a level of security that is more robust than traditional paper-based signatures and filing. Here’s how to insert an e-signature into a document uploaded on flair.

Preparing a Document for E-Signing
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To add an e-signature to a file, you will need to upload a document onto flair and assign a signer. Follow these steps:

  1. In the flair HR app, go to the Employees section and select the individual you wish to assign as the primary signer for the document.
  2. In the employee's profile, access the Documents tab and upload the desired document for signing.
E-Signing Employees
  1. Beside the Status field, click the dropdown arrow and select Sign.
E-Signing Status Arrow
  1. A popup box will display your uploaded document. Click Add Signer to choose the individual(s) required to sign. Multiple signers can be selected if needed.
  2. For every added signer, a color-coded signing component will appear, allowing you to effortlessly drag and drop it to the desired signature location.
Pop-Up Box E-Signing
  1. Next, initiate the signing process by clicking Send for Signing. This will send email notifications to the designated signers, prompting them to provide their unique signature for the uploaded document.
  2. Signers can swiftly access the e-signing feature via email, enabling them to view the entire document and affix their signature.

HR professionals can use our e-signature feature to keep track of documents that need to be signed. It is also possible to review the version history of a document.

E-Signing a Document
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Putting your unique e-signature to a document is super easy using flair. Follow the steps below.

  • If you have been assigned as a signer to a document you will receive an email notification.
  • Click the Sign Document button in the email and proceed to add your unique signature.
Email Notification E-Signing

Mobile Document Management
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Sometimes, you might want to check your work contract or a payslip out of working hours. The flair mobile app gives you a secure way to do this.

From the home screen of the mobile app, you can upload a document. Simply choose a name and document category, then click Add File.

You can also view any documents that you have received in the Employee Hub. Tap the My Data tab at the bottom-right of the screen and you will see your most recent payroll documents and any documents you have uploaded.

Download our free mobile app for iOS and Android.

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