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Intro to flair

We're an HR solution with a difference. Harnessing the comprehensive benefits of Salesforce, flair presents cloud-based HR software that empowers businesses and their employees. flair was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. Our software provides HR professionals with a comprehensive and intuitive solution designed to streamline HR processes, increase productivity, and promote a positive employee experience.

How We Stand Out

Thanks to its connection to Salesforce, the flair solution opens up unique possibilities for businesses of all sizes in the ever-changing work landscape. For example, the flair HR solution integrates seamlessly with Salesforce's full suite of tools. Our certification as a Salesforce partner also enables us to leverage the capabilities of this world-class CRM system to enhance the speed, organization, and employee experience of HR processes.

At flair, our team is unwavering in our dedication to delivering exceptional quality and an outstanding user experience. With our Customer Success Team leading the way, we go above and beyond to provide top-tier service, ensuring that our customers have the best possible experience with the flair platform.

We are fueled by a deep-rooted passion to empower HR professionals with a comprehensive, intuitive, and employee-centric HR solution that surpasses their expectations. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continually innovate and evolve, ensuring that flair is flexible to the needs of its users.

High Performer

Core HR

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High Performer

Time & Attendance


At flair, our mission is to help companies of all sizes design, adapt, and scale their employee experience at every level. We're future-proofing HR and strive to streamline processes, increase productivity, and promote a positive employee experience through our user-friendly and flexible platform.

With flair, HR teams can efficiently manage employee data, organize payroll, automate routine tasks, and gain valuable insights through innovative reporting features. Our software is built on the latest cloud technology, providing users with a secure and reliable experience.

Overall, our goal is to create an unparalleled HR experience. The flair HR solution puts people first while providing powerful tools that make onboarding, managing employees, and recruitment, and more efficient in the dynamic digital age.


At the heart of our organization is the understanding that people drive development and success. We are a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about revolutionizing the HR software industry. Our culture is built on a foundation of innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity.

By fostering these values, we aim to create transformative solutions that empower organizations and individuals, allowing them to build a world-class HR experience that unlocks potential. We believe that our culture is the foundation of our success, and we are dedicated to continuously improving and evolving it to better serve our team members and flair customers.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Our differences are a source of strength. We believe that by creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, respected, and valued, we can build a more dynamic and innovative team that better serves our customers. We celebrate diversity in all its forms and are committed to creating a workplace culture that embraces individuals and promotes unity.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Our team culture is built on a foundation of collaboration, open communication, and mutual appreciation. We firmly believe that by working together we can achieve so much more than what any individual could do alone. That's why at every turn we recognize successes as well as provide constructive feedback to ensure everyone continues to learn and develop – in addition to having lots of fun along the way.

Work-Life Balance

A happy and healthy team is essential for success. That's why we offer flexible working schedules, remote work options, and wellness initiatives so that everyone can strike the right work-life balance. Taking breaks, vacations, or even just a few minutes for reflection is encouraged as part of maintaining a great work environment.

Tone of Voice

Words are powerful tools, and the way we use them is equally as important. Here are some handy tips to help you capture the fun and unique essence of flair.

Be Personal

At flair, our focus is on people. We support businesses and their employees. That's why our tone of voice plays a crucial role in ensuring they feel truly understood. We strive to be empathetic and provide guidance, just like an HR advisor would. Our personalized tone reflects our commitment to our users and our continuous dialogue with them.

Make It Easy

flair makes things easier. But that’s hard to believe if we communicate using complicated language. An unfussy tone that is friendly and engaging helps to convey the ease of our product, and it makes us approachable. We explain everything in a clear way to highlight that flair is about solving problems and not about jargon.

Be Knowledgeable

As a solution for businesses and HR professionals, we are dedicated to providing the tools they need to develop a great HR management culture. We strive to create an atmosphere that brings together smart features, practical advice, and approachability so our clients can succeed in their endeavors.

Make It Land

Our positioning defines our points of differentiation in the marketplace. A Salesforce-native solution, flair is about empowering HR leaders to create a positive experience for people in the workplace. We know it isn’t easy to instill culture across hundreds of people, but it’s easier knowing that flair exists to pave the way.


Bright, punchy, and optimistic: color is one way to express our vibrant personality. We lead with a warm yellow, followed by a series of both bright and muted colors. Together, these confident colors help our brand turn heads in any environment.

Our core palette is based on these seven colors, with vibrant yellow as our hero color. These colors define the basis of our main brand elements. Our color palette includes tints for each color for digital use. Check them out below.


  • #FF9822

    RGB: 255.152.34


    Pantone: 130 C


  • #FD553E

    RGB: 253.85.62


    Pantone: 172 C


  • #196879

    RGB: 25.104.121


    Pantone: 7699 C


  • #1D1D1D

    RGB: 29.29.29


    Pantone: Process Black


  • #00CBBF

    RGB: 0.203.191


    Pantone: 3265 C



Our typography makes a bold statement about our brand: clean, functional and easy to understand. We use the sans-serif Lab Grotesque across the board for a consistent look and feel on our product UI and brand communications.

Lab Grotesque is our only typeface and is used for headlines and body copy across all touchpoints. It’s a sans-serif typeface and it can be downloaded here.

Typeface: Lab Grotesque
Lab Grotesque — Body copy Regular




Culture acts as the catalyst for not only attracting but also retaining top-tier talent.

Lab Grotesque — Body copy Medium




We help HR teams of any size take command 
of their HR and recruiting workflow.

Lab Grotesque — Body copy Bold




flair is revolutionizing the way businesses organize and operate HR management.

Design System

The flair design system brings everything together. These diverse assets form a versatile toolkit that can be utilized across all brand touchpoints.

This comprehensive design framework provides designers with an exciting palette of elements to help them create stunning visuals. With these assets, users can craft unique and captivating compositions that will leave a lasting impression.







The flair frames embody various workspaces, from bustling business locations to cozy home offices for remote work. These frames serve as a canvas for creativity, allowing us to infuse them with vibrant colors and bring them to life with captivating photography and text. To maintain a cool and cohesive look, we always add a touch of black keyline around our solid frames.

frame1 frame2 frame3


Solid frame shapes are used in different colors and have workplace location labels set inside, using Lab Grotesque Regular typeface.



Consider these key art direction points when commissioning photography:

  • Diverse range of people and workplaces
  • Fun and positive pics of people at work
  • Natural and warm lighting
  • Variation of angles
  • Natural poses and environments
  • Showcase workplace culture
photography photography photography
photography photography


The flair illustrative style is a vibrant, colorful reflection of our unique workplace culture. We use bold imagery to bring life and positive energy to everything flair related.

illustration illustration illustration illustration illustration illustration

Product illustrations

Our product illustrations combine simple functionality with stylish flair. Using our signature keyline style and vibrant hues from our custom palette, these images provide an eye-catching yet intuitive explanation of what we do.

illustration illustration illustration


Within the Brand Assets downloadable, you'll find the Brand Application section, which offers in-depth instructions on effectively incorporating our brand into diverse marketing collateral.

flair-app flair-app

As our brand continues to grow, we are eager to collaborate with new partners and vendors interested in communicating the exciting benefits of the flair HR solution. Our carefully crafted guidelines ensure that regardless of where it’s presented, the flair message is always consistent, eye-catching, and engaging.


The flair Brand Guidelines cover everything from the use of our logo and color palette to the appropriate language and tone to use in our communications. They play a vital role in nurturing a robust and unified brand identity, a key element in cultivating trust and fostering loyalty among the flair community.

flair-app flair-app

Download flair Brand Assets

If you have any questions or need further guidance when using our graphics and imagery, we're always happy to help. Send us an email at [email protected] for more info.

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