Employee Data and Documents

Employee Database right at your disposal. Guarantee that your database is organized, secure, and in compliance with legal requirements at all times!

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Customisable Employee Database

Flair stores all employee data and documents on Salesforce and our Employee HUB. Your team will gain a well-maintained database that will save you time by decreasing HR tasks. As an HR manager, you will be able to define and determine access rights within the company, to view and edit employee data

Customisable HR Employee Database on Salesforce
  • "Basic" Field Set to Start (bank details, personal fields, insurance, contract data)

  • Maintain employee data with different legislations in the same database

  • Auditable History Tracking

Efficiently Organised Employee Profiles – employee data base in one glance!

To avoid complex and unorganized archives and charts, flair helps your company to gain greater visibility into all your employee database.

Efficiently organised HR employee profiles on Salesforce
  • Store, Automate & Customise Data Reports

  • Formula Operation & Function

  • Organised List view – based on any desired filters

Document Management

Our digitalized employee database saves you time on maintaining data and documents centrally. Your employees are able to upload and download files on our Employee HUB independently, whilst the HR management can confirm the changes and upload and download within Salesforce.

Document management on flairs' HUB
  • Approve Requests to Change Data

  • Access to Company Documents

  • Import & Export Between our Employee HUB & Salesforce

Compliant Inventory Management

By providing you with digital inventory files, flair makes it easier to control and maintain inventory reporting.

Compliant HR inventory management on Salesforce
  • Source of truth for your company

  • Sorting out inventory based on location or employee

  • Keep track on financial data

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