December 1

French Touch Dreamin' 22

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French Touch Dreamin’ 22

It was incredible to be part of the first French Touch Dreamin in 3 years!

We could feel the strong, supportive energy of Salesforce professionals from all over Europe, as we came together to discuss the current challenges and how we can work together to overcome them.

As proud sponsors of the event, it was our pleasure to explain how tools like flair are so important for the community. HR and Salesforce are two separate conversations but have immense potential when united. The lack of Salesforce talent is creating a lot of stress for existing teams who need support to avoid physical, mental, and emotional burnout.

The event reaffirmed our faith in Trailblazer, which provides more than just a platform. 92% of Trailblazers explore new products and solutions, and this increases the return on Investment of Salesforce by 82%.

We look forward to seeing you at French Touch Dreamin 2023!

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