March 7

Trailblazer DX 2023

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Trailblazer DX 2023

It was a treat to connect with other Salesforce enthusiasts in the beautiful city of San Francisco and get the lowdown on all the updates from the tech giant. Our CEO Evgenii wowed everyone with his panel on leveraging Salesforce for business growth and had a great time talking with other admins, developers, and entrepreneurs.

The peak of the event was definitely the reveal of EinsteinGPT. We can’t wait to test out this cutting-edge AI CRM platform that will take automation to the next level!

Trailhead Coach, a platform by Salesforce that assists users in building their careers, is also set to revolutionize learning.

Meanwhile, over 900 Flow templates are now available and companies like ours are benefiting immensely from this increased capability for productivity and quality.

Finally, our favorite integration at flair is with Slack, so we were excited to hear that ChatGPT is now available on Slack too, so users can access research tools and summarize conversations – just magic!

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