June 6

Salesforce World Tour Essentials Lausanne 23

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Salesforce World Tour Lausanne 23

What an exhilarating experience it was to reunite with the vibrant Salesforce community in Switzerland and extend our sponsorship to yet another remarkable event.

The SwissTech Convention Center was brimming with excitement, featuring an impressive lineup of more than 1000 accomplished decision-makers and experts.

It was truly inspiring to witness individuals from various backgrounds and industries come together to share their insights and innovative ideas on unlocking the boundless potential of Salesforce.

Overall, as a Salesforce partner, it was great to showcase our flair for HR at such a big Salesforce event.

Here are some of the flair team’s key takeaways from Salesforce World Tour Essentials Lausanne:

  • We discovered more great Slack features. We can't wait to test out the Slack x Service Cloud integration and swarming to further improve the speed and efficiency of our support channels.
  • Einstein GPT has some exciting use cases for sales and support, including analyzing market trends and customer feedback. EinsteinGPT can also facilitate multilingual support and sales interactions by translating text in real-time.
  • The flair team connected with a number of inspiring Swiss ISV solutions.
  • This Salesforce World Tour conference was another great opportunity to meet with clients interested in the benefits of a Salesforce-powered HR solution. We're continuing to spread the flair message to the Salesforce community.
  • Shout out to team Albert for being such good sports in the booth beside us.
  • The first-ever flair raffle went down a treat. Stay tuned for more conference fun and games.

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