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One Solution for Your Core HR Processes

Manage all your HR tasks using one solution

Track time and attendance, manage performance, and automate workflows

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Self-Service HR

The flair Employee Hub makes it easy for employees to take care of important daily tasks, including tracking time, planning absences, managing documents, and requesting shifts. You can also set up workflows to make processes like onboarding more efficient.

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Time-Saving Features for Managers

Say goodbye to Excel tables and paperwork. flair digitizes and automates core HR processes from recruitment and shift planning to payroll.

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All-in-One HR Solution

Reduce the need to switch between apps – flair covers every core HR process, including recruitment, onboarding, workforce management, payroll, performance reviews, and OKRs.

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  • flair HR Software

    Centralize Your HR Processes

    Automate recurring tasks, review employee performance, track attendance, securely store documents, and more.

    Store employee data in one secure, GDPR-compliant system

    Automate routine tasks and save time for employees and managers


    Available on Web and App

    Track time, request absences, and view shifts on the go with the flair mobile app or on the web. Give your employees more flexibility and facilitate remote work.

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    24/7 Customer Support

    Our dedicated onboarding specialists help customers get off to the best start with flair. After the go-live, you can contact us via phone and email or check out our detailed how-to guides on the flair Learning Hub

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    User Reviews

    What Our Customers Say About Us

    Don’t just take our word for it. Our happy customers have shared their experience of working with flair.

    Timur N.

    Managing Director
    I love the easy handling and UI of the tool. It's easy to set up new job postings, and these just look good on our webpage. Some HR processes are automated and save a lot of time! flair releases frequent updates that improve the software even more over time. The implementation was quick and professional, and the training given was excellent for us.

    Julien M.

    Salesforce Lead
    flair is a complete app that covers the majority of HR business needs. Ease of use for the business is a significant asset of flair. Features and functionalities are straightforward, reducing the time spent by the user in executing each process, allowing them to focus more on the employees and less on the system. As a salesforce admin, the amount of maintenance it requires is close to zero; this is also made possible thanks to flair's great support.

    Michael K.

    flair offers a broad feature set for recruiting and all HR processes. Powerful integration into Salesforce allows us to connect sales & payroll. Slack integration rocks

    Manuel I.

    CEO allows you to manage employees entirely in Salesforce. Therefore, all information is already in the most relevant system and enables businesses to connect them to analyze performance. Also, the support is simply GREAT!

    Alexander W.

    flair helps us streamline and automate processes related to employee management. From applicant tracking and attendance tracking to payroll and measuring OKRs, flair covers a wide range of use cases where we previously had to deal with workarounds when using Personio.

    Pascal L.

    flair integrates flawlessly into your Salesforce CRM, while offering a ton of features at a highly competitive price.

    Chanel K.

    Partner Alliance Manager
    We use flair in our daily HR business for over 2 years now and it simply makes our everyday life much easier. From recruiting to employee management to individual performance appraisals, we can rely on flair and facilitate the work processes between our managers and employees.

    Mark D.

    Senior HR Business Partner
    flair has a nice and modern user interface and is easily usable for the individual employee. From my view the user experience is very good.
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