Employee Recognition: Spread Some Cheer

Recognizing and celebrating your colleagues’ work is great for employee engagement. By sending Cheers in flair, you can make employees feel appreciated and boost employee retention.

How to Encourage Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Acknowledge team members for their great work with a Cheer.

Choose a Coworker

Has someone gone the extra mile to support you at work? Show your appreciation in the Employee Hub.

Personalize Your Message

Choose a picture, write a message, and even record a video to give your Cheer a personal touch.

Share the Cheer

Choose whether your Cheer will be visible in your company feed or appear only to the recipient.

A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Higher Employee Retention

Recognition is one of the top three most effective non-financial factors for retention.*

Source: Deloitte Talent 2020 Survey

14% Higher Productivity

The right recognition program can boost employee engagement, productivity, and performance.*

Source: Deloitte Talent 2020 Survey

More Motivation

The majority of employees agree that appreciation from their managers would motivate them and improve morale.

Embed Recognition in Your Work Culture

    Social Recognition

    Strengthen the emotional connections between team members by encouraging them to regularly reflect on successful teamwork.

    Loom Videos

    Say it with a smile. Record short videos using Loom and send them to your colleagues to make your Cheers extra personal.


    Cheers aren’t only for acknowledging great work. You can also send colleagues a Cheer to recognize birthdays, work anniversaries, and other milestones.


Easy Integration With Your Favorite Tools

flair enables collaboration across teams and tools. That's why our solution integrates with Slack, Google Calendar, and more.

Build Collaboration Into All of Your Processes

Use flair’s API for Custom Needs

Employee Recognition Is Important, No Matter Which Industry You Work In

Companies of all sizes and in any industry use flair to increase employee engagement.


    Medical Companies Manage Hundreds of Employees with flair

    Healthcare companies use flair to streamline HR processes and improve the employee experience.


    flair Simplifies Workforce Growth for Consultancies

    We work with companies like Salesfive in the consultancy industry to digitize processes and facilitate the management of growing enterprises.


    Tech Companies Reap the Benefits of flair

    HERO Software uses flair to automate a variety of HR processes, enabling them to significantly improve employee engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is employee recognition?

Employee recognition is when managers show appreciation to staff for their hard work. When employees show their coworkers appreciation, this is known as peer-to-peer recognition.

Companies can create an employee recognition program to embed appreciation and employee feedback into the company culture. This program should be led by the HR team and implemented throughout the entire company.

Employee recognition software can provide support with functionality that allows colleagues to easily share appreciation in an engaging way.

What are the benefits of employee recognition?

Rewarding employees for hard work is an effective way to improve employee engagement and encourage employees to go the extra mile. Even something as simple as a thank you message can go a long way – it reinforces positive habits, shows that managers and coworkers care, and improves the recipient’s mood. These all contribute to a better employee experience.

Studies have shown that employee recognition programs can increase employee retention, improve engagement, and boost productivity. For these reasons, recognition should be part of every company’s core values.

How do I implement an employee recognition program?

Everyone within a company can contribute to employee recognition. Ideally, human resources will lead the employee recognition program and implement the necessary recognition tools.

Recognition solutions encourage employees to appreciate their coworkers and help cultivate a positive workplace culture.

HR can also lead several other employee recognition initiatives. For example, they could set up a rewards program for team members who refer new employees, for long-serving employees, or for top performers.

Incentives and employee rewards require some investment on the company’s behalf, but this soon pays off as other employees are motivated to go the extra mile.

What is social recognition?

Social recognition, also known as peer-to-peer recognition, is when employees acknowledge their coworkers for their outstanding work, completed projects, or other positive moments. Celebrating these events motivates employees and creates a more inclusive workplace.

While managers and team leaders should also give employees praise where it is due, social recognition is just as important. Making peer-to-peer recognition a regular part of the working week strengthens relationships between team members.

How do I send a Cheer using flair?

In flair, a Cheer is a short message of appreciation you can send to your colleagues. You can attach a pre-made image to your text or record your own personal video message.

You can send a Cheers to recognize colleagues for great work, thank them for helping you out, congratulate them on a special occasion, or just to show your appreciation for a team mate.

Cheers are stored in the Engagement section of the Employee Hub. When you send a Cheer to a coworker, they will receive a notification and see a popup in their Employee Hub. If the Cheer is public, it will also appear in the Feed in the Employee Hub. When you send a Cheer to a coworker, they will receive a notification and see a popup in their Employee Hub. If the Cheer is public, it will also appear in the Feed in the Employee Hub.

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