Hire Top Talent With Refined Recruiting

Fine-tune your recruitment process and hire the best candidates for the job.

How To Optimize Recruiting

Manage recruitment end-to-end with clever career pages and candidate evaluation software.

Create Career Page

Try our Setup Assistant on Salesforce and build a career page with branded colors, logos, and links to your company website.

Advertise Role

Create job advert templates for your career page and attract the best candidates with customized job criteria.

Build Evaluation Templates

Tailor evaluation templates, assess candidates, and ensure they are suitable for the job.

Hire the Best Candidates

Guide candidates from the application stage through to the final interview and hire the top talent.

Precise Recruitment Processes

Reduce Staff Recruitment Time

Build an efficient method for advertising jobs and utilize flair's evaluation tools to streamline recruitment.

Increase Quality of Hires

The highly customizable flair recruitment tool makes the hiring process more precise. Curate specifications and match skills to jobs.

Save on Recruiting Costs

Take the driver's seat in recruitment and reduce administration costs. flair's Recruiting app consolidates all the necessary tasks.

Enhance Every Recruitment Task

    Job Advertising

    Set out your job specifications and cast your search far and wide using a variety of integrated job boards.

    Candidate Assessment

    Measure each applicant’s suitability for the position with intuitive and smart evaluation templates.

    Applicant Response

    Keep track of applications and inform candidates about developments using the flair Recruiting app.


Easy Integration With Your Favorite Tools

Recruitment is managed across teams and tools. That's why flair integrates with Slack, DocuSign, and more.

Find Talent Faster With Our Chrome Extension

Use flair’s API for Custom Needs

Recruit Right in Any Industry

Whether you're just getting started or are already a big name, our solution scales to your needs.


    Medical Firms Discover the Right Talent With flair

    Swiss dental consultants bestsmile uses flair to manage recruitment tasks and find top talent.


    flair Streamlines Recruitment for Consultancies

    Consultancies like Salesfive use flair’s recruitment software to streamline employee hiring processes.


    Tech Businesses Organize Applicants Using Flair

    HERO Software keeps track of job applicants using flair's Recruiting app.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is recruitment so important?

Recruitment is often said to be one of the most important business strategies. That’s because employees provide the vital spark that keeps businesses and organizations running. Without sourcing the right people, it’s very difficult to achieve your goals.

Whatever the industry, recruiting the best talent is essential for any organization looking to stay competitive and make positive strides.

Ensuring that job openings are filled with qualified candidates can set businesses up for long-term success by giving them an edge in the market.

By taking recruitment seriously, firms are able to reap massive rewards with a carefully curated team of dedicated employees working towards shared objectives. A well-run recruitment process not only satisfies skills requirements but can add to the overall value of a business or organization.

Effective recruiting can also reduce staff turnover and boost an organization’s reputation. Everyone remembers a poor interview experience or a rude application response. However, a well-structured hiring process cuts out crossed communication and makes it easy for everyone to contribute in a positive way, regardless of the final outcome.

When companies conduct the right level of research and complete candidate evaluations correctly, they can uncover top talent that stays in the long term. This ultimately saves on the costs of recruiting for the same position over and over again.

How can recruitment software help?

Recruitment needs to be rewarding. It’s a duty that almost every business will need to complete at some point. Recruitment should be considered vital to the future success of an organization. But it’s not always an easy task.

It involves understanding what roles your business needs to function and then setting out a talent acquisition structure to uncover the right employees that can fulfill these job specifications.

When done haphazardly, the recruitment process can not only impact the success of a company but can also leave candidates or new hires with a poor view of an employer.

An effective hiring process requires time to identify what expertise or skill your business would like from new employees. In order to see recruitment through to the end, an abundance of organizational skills is also required within the workflow.

There can also be associated administration costs involved. You may need to find the correct channels to distribute job postings. Interviews will need to be carried out to find the right candidate.

Perhaps multiple staff will be responding to applicants who took the time to engage with your business. However, the right recruitment software can make finding your perfect hire easy.

Recruitment solutions and tools often automate and optimize many of the tasks associated with the hiring process. From promoting vacant jobs to resumé parsing and evaluating candidate profiles, smart solutions can reduce the time and money spent on recruitment without compromising the quality of the process.

flair’s end-to-end HR software is geared towards perfecting the employee experience while making management and recruitment tasks easier, more precise, and more economical.

What is the flair Recruiting app?

The flair Recruiting app is a one-stop shop for managing the recruitment side of your business. With flair’s Recruiting app on Salesforce, all recruitment tasks are consolidated in a user-friendly platform.

Users can build bespoke career pages to advertise job posts, complete candidate management, evaluate applicants, and then communicate the final decision.

It provides an opportunity to streamline recruitment and save time and money when searching for new employees. With this recruiting platform, flair users can also build a hiring team to oversee every step of the process.

What advantages does a career page provide?

Create an exciting career page that shows off all of your company's incredible job opportunities. It takes your hiring process to the next level. Attract potential applicants and boost your job adverts across new channels, and watch as new talent comes rolling in. With flair, you can launch your own no-code career page within minutes.

A flair career page allows you to easily promote your job offer on over 2,500 job boards and associated recruitment websites and social media channels such as LinkedIn. After creating a career page, users can define which information they want applicants to share when applying for a job.

What is a recruitment evaluator?

An evaluator is an individual responsible for assessing potential new employees. A recruitment evaluator could be a manager or another member of staff depending on a company’s structure.

The flair Recruiting app allows users to build evaluation templates to measure the suitability of a job applicant.

A recruitment evaluation template allows businesses to easily optimize their hiring process and ensure the best possible candidates are identified. Evaluators can create questions for applicants to answer and then score them based on their skills and responses.

To assign evaluators and evaluation templates to candidates, go to the Jobs section of the flair Recruiting app.

Can I assign a manager to oversee specific recruitment tasks?

Yes, it is possible to allocate the recruitment of a specific job to a manager or staff member. The flair Recruiting app allows you to earmark a hiring manager to oversee a job that has been advertised. Utilizing the skills of a knowledgeable hiring manager is important to anchor the recruitment process.

They can work in tandem with the tools provided by flair to guide candidates through each stage of the proceedings. An effective hiring manager plays a critical role in bridging the gap between organizations and job applicants.

They can outline specifications for a position at a company, view resumés, organize interview scheduling, and then help build evaluation templates to measure the suitability of potential recruits. flair’s recruitment tool can assist hiring managers with every step of the talent acquisition process.

From the initial application stage, through the interview phase, and into the final decision-making moments.

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