21 March 2022

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Absence Management


The Ultimate Full-Service Salesforce Partner

HERO Software offers a cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) craftsmen. HERO's customers use the solution to run their entire business digitally. Therefore, HERO Software refer to themselves as a "mini SAP" for craftsmen of all verticals such as painters, HVAC companies, roofers, etc.

With HERO, we enable companies as well as their customers and partners (like manufacturers or wholesalers) to save time and money. We establish lean and efficient processes for their business and projects.

Michael Kessler

CEO & Managing Director

HERO's team strongly believes in the idea of a 360° single login platform. Hence, they develop HERO to be API-driven and try to connect all tools and digital services that craftsmen frequently use. HERO has a committed and motivated team of 70 people working their joint mission to help their customers save time and money on a daily basis. They strive to evolve their platform in which the entire ecosystem of the construction market is involved.


HERO's team was looking for an integrated solution that is rapidly improving and promises all the advantages suitable for their scaling ambitions.

"We have not been satisfied with the speed and capabilities of the previously used HR solution," said Michael. "There have been some issues that had to be fixed from our point of view (and which we often addressed) but nothing changed. Thus, we were forced to establish additional processes around our HR solution, which did not make any sense at all."

This is when flair came into play. "In a phase where you are scaling your business from 25 to 75 FTEs you need an HR and Recruiting tool that meets all of your requirements and which is improving all the time." The lack of a coherent HR system and weak HR processes can compromise company's growth, success and efficiency. Therefore setting up a solid and comprehensive HR solution can be highly beneficial and provide various competitive advantages.

Hero Software Team

Limitless HR possibilities on Salesforce

With a fast-paced, ambitious, and dedicated team, HERO was able to have a fast start on Salesforce with flair. With our powerful reporting and centralized data system, HERO has the advantage of planning its steps in advance all within one database.

Once flair was implemented on Salesforce for HR purposes, HERO's team was able to integrate it with other processes such as sales and payroll management.

The process of payroll management needs a lot of energy and can become very hectic. But it doesn't have to be that way. With the help of flair, HERO can now prepare the payroll with an amazing overview before it gets sent off to the accountant in any suitable format. Consequently, the employees can be provided with their payroll slips right on the Employee Hub.

We have great confidence in the Salesforce ecosystem and its' advantages, which was part of the reason why we jumped to flair.hr

Michael Kessler

CEO & Managing Director

Absence Management & Slack Integration

Absence management is a crucial part of HR, that can't be overlooked. From now on, HERO's HR team can maximise the potential of that process. The whole team can manage their absences directly on the Employee Hub, by requesting desired absences. The holiday's within specific departments no longer have intercede, since all of the employees have access to view their teams' absence calendar. The absence calendars are also available to be downloaded on iCal, Google calendar and others. Additionally, flair's Slack Integration enables HERO's employees to request any type of absences directly on Slack. Meanwhile, the responsible managers can either approve or decline it from Slack as well.

Hero Software Team

All features but especially the absence management in combination with the slack integration makes your business life much easier.

Michael Kessler

CEO & Managing Director

Recruiting & Candidate Evaluation

When it comes to recruiting, flair provides a variety of benefits for HERO's team, since we want our customers to have the most pleasant experience. Our external career pages provide loads of flexibility and configuration fields for a variety of specific job positions.

During the recruiting process, HERO's HR team can assign multiple hiring managers to evaluate specific candidates directly from the Employee Hub. Whether you need to evaluate skills, technical knowledge or general company fit - the possibilities that flair offers when it comes to candidate evaluation are limitless!

In a phase where you are scaling your business you need an HR and Recruiting tool that meets all of your requirements and which is improving all the time.

Michael Kessler

CEO & Managing Director


While HERO Software team provides its' customers with lean and efficient processes, we aim to make HERO's HR experience as flawless as possible. With the help of Salesforce, HERO is able to integrate all the essential HR processes to other internal business units.

"For every fast-growing business, it is super important that core processes are scalable and efficient because you need 100% focus on marketing, sales & product. flair is a part of this smooth-running backbone for our company, and we save endless amounts of time for manual processes" says Michael.

As HERO's business is scaling and growing, automation of various HR processes enables HERO to tremendously improve employee engagement and the overall performance sustainability of the company. After all, an intuitive HR platform should mutually benefit both: the management as well as the employees within a company.

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