Collaborate Better With Comments

15 February 2023


Head of Product Marketing at flair

Collaborate Better With Comments

Have your say: You can now share comments and emojis with your colleagues in the Employee Hub.

Whether you’re asking a question or sharing feedback, communication is essential to workplace collaboration. That’s why we’ve added a commenting feature to the Employee Hub to make it easier for you to interact with your colleagues and managers within the Hub. No need to switch apps.

In-App Commenting

Our new comments feature allows you to collaborate in context. Get straight to the point by adding a comment directly where it is relevant, increasing clarity and reducing the risk of misunderstanding. Now you no longer need to leave the Employee Hub to ask a question or send screenshots to help your colleagues understand what you are referring to.

Commenting is currently available on the following pages of the Employee Hub:

Share Emojis, Images, & More

In addition, we’ve also expanded our emoji picker so you can add a bit of fun and emotion to your comments. These new emojis are also available as reactions on the Announcements page.

Besides emojis, you can also include images, files, and links in your comments. This improves the flow of information between managers, team members, and HR.

Why not try it out and share a comment to brighten a colleague’s day?

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