Paperless Power-Up: Employee Documents Revamp

12 May 2023


Head of Product Marketing at flair

Paperless Power-Up: Employee Documents Revamp

We’ve made some slick new changes to the way employees upload and manage company or personal documents in the Employee Hub. Check them out!

Modern Document Storage

Whether they work remotely or in-office, we know that employees crave easy-to-navigate, streamlined, and secure ways to manage important work documents. Presenting an enhanced document management experience on flair.

With our new features, you can now effortlessly organize and access important documents within the Employee Hub portal. Securely upload files, create document categories, comment, and set approval statuses.

By centralizing document management on flair, employees can experience the benefits of streamlined workflows, improved collaboration, and easy retrieval of information.

New Features

  • Personal vs Corporate View: Delineate between personal files and company-centric documents using this split view. Store your work contract in the Personal folder, and keep the employee handbook or company policies Corporate.
  • Detailed Information: Single source of truth uploading that includes document preview view, file size, document location, uploader info, and workflow or completion status.
  • Commenting: Work together on specific documents using the commenting feature. Keep colleagues in the loop and enhance communication channels.
  • Manager Mode: Coming Soon. Switch to Manager mode on the Employee Hub and organize team files or paperwork associated with your direct reports.

For more information about flair’s document management capabilities, visit our Learning Hub.

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