AI-Generated Job Descriptions

15 January 2024

Speed up the recruitment process with flair AI. Our latest beta release makes it possible for recruiters and HR professionals to generate job descriptions using AI.

It’s a total time-saver and excellent for creating enterprise-standard job listings in just a few clicks.

Prompt AI with flair Job Wizard

As part of this update, we’ve added a new job creation wizard in the flair Recruiting app. Prompt our AI with details like Job Title, Language, Salary, Location, Seniority, and Education Level.

Save time on manually crafting job descriptions, allowing recruiters to focus on other critical aspects of the hiring process.

Let flair AI Assist You

Using your prompts in the job creation wizard, flair AI generates a unique job description. The description includes a summary of the job role, the responsibilities, and candidate requirements, as well as the benefits.

Maintain consistency in language and formatting across job listings, creating a cohesive and professional image for your organization.

AI Job Description Use Cases

Recruiters: Using flair's AI-driven job description generator, recruiters and HR managers can enhance efficiency, maintain consistency, and create compelling job listings that attract top talent.

Ensure that key information is consistently included in each job description, facilitating a standardized and effective recruitment process.

Explore the Future of Recruiting

Curious about the potential of flair AI? Take a sneak peek into the future of recruiting by previewing this beta AI feature now in the flair Recruiting app on Salesforce.

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