New flair AI Recruiting (Beta)

14 November 2023


HR & Partnership Manager at flair

New flair AI Recruiting (Beta)

We're excited to launch the first feature from our new flair AI suite. flair AI Recruiting is now available in beta to help make candidate screening more efficient. This is just the beginning of how artificial intelligence will enhance your experience with our applicant tracking and hiring tools!

Get A Head Start on Hiring

flair AI Recruiting provides recruiters with an AI-generated score from 0-100 to compare each job applicant's resume and cover letter against the key job requirements. It’s particularly useful with large candidate pools of 300+ applicants, and aims to give you a head start on screening by automatically ranking and scoring candidates based on how well their skills, experience, and qualifications match the position.

Define Key Job Requirements

flair AI will automatically generate key requirements by analyzing the job description. These can then be adjusted you can manually define the requirements with a click of a button. For new jobs, this process is automated. Recruiters can then view each candidate's score alongside details of what parts of their application did or did not satisfy each requirement, thanks to snippets extracted from their application materials.

Save Time and Find The Best Hires

flair AI Recruiting lets you focus first on higher-scoring candidates, reducing time spent screening. The scores and matching details are consistently visible within both our applicant tracking system and hiring hub. While not intended to entirely replace human review –it’s called Human Resources, after all– flair AI Recruiting aims to streamline the initial screening of large applicant pools and help you discover your next superstar!

Much More To Come

As this feature remains in beta, you can expect to see much more from flair AI Recruiting. Remember to contact us with your feedback so we can continue enhancing flair AI to help optimize your recruitment process. And stay tuned for more ways artificial intelligence can help with your HR tasks through our flair AI suite!

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