New flair Android App

2 October 2023


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New flair Android App

In a world of flexible working, it’s important to be able to check in on the go, which is why we’ve upgraded the flair mobile app for Android. The flair app puts daily HR tasks in your hands. Track working hours, request absences, store documents, and keep on top of company updates.

Our mobile app synchronizes with the browser-based Employee Hub and our Salesforce apps, helping ensure that working time, vacation, and employee data stay up to date.

Using the flair mobile app, employees can:

Track Time on the Go

Clock in, clock out, and take breaks with just a tap.

Request Absences Anywhere

Check remaining vacation balance, see which colleagues are absent, and request vacation or sick leave.

View Documents on Phone

Securely view, download, and upload work documents in seconds. If personal details change, they can be easily updated in the app to ensure your HR team has up-to-date records.

Stay Up to Date

The home screen displays teammates' birthdays and informs of any out-of-office statuses. Receive notifications when absences, timesheets, and data changes have been approved.

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