Peer Reviews, New Absence Calendar, and More

2 May 2024

In our newly formatted What’s New updates, we’re bringing you more new features than ever before.

Are you ready to explore peer reviews, our new absence calendar, greater compliance features, and more? Let’s dive in and check out what new updates flair users can now enjoy.

Comprehensive 360° Peer Reviews

Peer feedback is great for companies looking to evaluate performance effectively. With our latest update, HR personnel and team leaders can easily organize reviews with colleagues who have direct knowledge of an employee's work.

This feature introduces a fresh perspective to performance evaluations, making them more comprehensive and insightful.

Use Cases For HR:

  • Use peer reviews to gather comprehensive insights into employee performance from multiple perspectives, aiding in fair and accurate evaluations.

For Team Leads:

  • Easily assign peer reviewers and customize performance review questions to better understand team performance.

For Employees:

  • Employees benefit from receiving feedback not only from their managers but also from their peers, allowing them to gain a well-rounded understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement.

Salesforce Absence Calendar

Our new absence calendar in the flair HR app on Salesforce is now ready. It's a useful tool, especially for companies already using Salesforce.

HR and managers can effortlessly track employee absences using list or calendar views. This update simplifies absence management and provides Salesforce users with an extra advantage in their workflow.

Use Cases

For HR:

  • HR managers can use the absence calendar to anticipate staffing needs or create absences for employees directly within Salesforce.

For Managers:

  • By filtering absences based on departments or locations, managers and key decision-makers can strategically assess absences across their organization.

Double Opt-In for Candidates

Ensuring candidate consent can be essential for compliance. That's why we've introduced the option for double opt-in for candidates applying for jobs through flair-built career pages. It’s great for assisting with regulatory compliance, enhancing the candidate experience, and reducing spam applications.

Revamped Employee Table View

Add avatars to the employee table view inside the Staff and Docs page of flair. Avatars alongside employee names add a personal touch to the HR interface, making it easier for HR personnel and managers to navigate and identify team members.

By condensing the table view fields, users can access more information at a glance, enhancing decision-making and productivity within the platform.

Streamlined Document Segmentation

Have you tried document segmentation? This addition allows users to segment recipients based on location, department, and team before sending files, facilitating faster and more efficient document communication.

Use Cases

For HR: Segmenting document recipients ensures that relevant information reaches the right individuals promptly, optimizing workflow efficiency and collaboration.

Thank you for your interest in the latest features of flair.

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