Welcome to the flair Product Roadmap

25 May 2023

At flair, collaboration is our way of life. We recognize that building a strong relationship with our community is essential for the success of our product. That's why we're delighted to give you a peek at our new product roadmap—a valuable resource for both you and us. By sharing this roadmap, we invite you to join us in building the future of flair!

We Believe in Transparency

We understand how important it is for you to know what’s coming up. The flair roadmap gives you insights into upcoming features and timeframes so that you can plan ahead and never be left in the dark.

Your Feedback Is Valued

Our roadmap is a two-way street! It provides an invitation for your thoughts, suggestions, and needs on our product. Your input helps us make better decisions and create a user experience that works for everyone. You can now submit your feedback and feature requests directly from the roadmap.

How To Use the Roadmap

Our roadmap is divided into 3 categories: In Progress, Planned, and Backlog. In Progress are all the features we’re actively building right now. Planned is what’s in line to be built soon. And, finally, Backlog contains the ideas that are currently under consideration for development.

It’s easy to vote for your favorite features. Just click the arrow on the right hand side, and you can fill out your email address. Feel free to provide us with more detailed information about any feature you find by clicking "give feedback". We'd love to know more about the context and how you plan on using it.

What's Most Important to You

If you're looking for something that isn't on our roadmap, don't worry. You can easily submit your ideas to us via the box on the left side. Just type in what you'd like, choose the priority (medium, important or critical) and enter your email.

User-Centric Development

We are always listening to your needs and preferences. Your involvement allows us to develop features that address your pain points, bring value to your experience, and exceed your expectations.

Your engagement and support are vital to our success. Together, we can shape the future of our product and create something extraordinary. We invite you to explore our public roadmap, provide feedback, and join us on this exciting journey!

Thanks for being a part of flair!

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